When My Skin is Suddenly Sensitive

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A good skincare routine is not infallible. Its the truth most of us fail to notice or choose to ignore. Obviously, no two people have the same skin and no skincare was ever made invincible! I am sure I am not the only one who’s been betrayed by “that” amazing cleanser or “this” beloved moisturiser. It could be that bag of chips or that bowl of sweets or the nights when I slept with the makeup on.. anything! Bad skin is just waiting to happen.

However, there are ways to undo the effects of a bad indulgence. The key isn’t to try everything you can lay your hands on, but to cut down on as many products as possible and just stick to the bare minimum. An angry skin isn’t demanding more stuff, its yelling to get rid of the madness!

I have over the years stashed away a few products which aren’t “exciting” but something which my skin demands when its acting like a diva. That stash my dear friends is RULED by La Roche Posay! These products aren’t exciting or fashionable and probably the reason why I get bored of these very easily but when my skin is failing these come to the rescue.

So, when my skin is inflamed, reddened, sensitive or breaking out, I do the following :

1. Get rid of harsh and strong products. For example, physical exfoliators, even toners (I find them too strong then), and any concentrated serums

2. Keep away the whole skincare shebang, and for that period, stick to just a couple of things which are :

a) La Roche-Posay Toleriane Gel Cleanser which contrary to what the name suggests is not very gel like or foaming. A creamy cleanser, its non-fragranced and hypo-allergenic and works perfectly to cleanse my troubled skin. I use it for both day and night

b) LRP Effaclar Duo + as my treatment/serum. I have used the original in the past but the new Duo + is even better. I got this one recently and its helped with my skin so much! Its an oil-free moisturiser which every blogger has raved about atleast once in their blogging life! I use it especially when I have break outs and not when my skin is irritated or reddened. It has Benzoyl Peroxided 5.5% and Salicylic Acid which are known anti-acne ingredients. It helps subside breakouts  quickly and relieves me of the pain overnight

c) LRP Toleriane Fluide is my moisturiser of choice when I am skeptical of everything. Sometimes I don’t know what may have caused the sensitivity and instead of playing guessing games I just go back to this one. I had actually forgotten how much my skin loves it and have been using it both day and night ever since I got it. Its like a light lotion in consistency and spreads very easily without tugging at the skin. Perfect when you are scared to even touch your face! If your skin is extremely dry or inflamed then the Toleriane Riche is your guy. Its a more “rich” more emollient version of the Fluide and perfect extremely dry winters. Both Toleriane Fluide and Riche are paraben-free, fragrance-free and preservative-free

3. Wear less base makeup, let my skin breathe

4. Try and drink more water than normal and get regular with Vitamin B12

5. When I have irritated/reddened skin I use a lot of pure rose water. I get the one from Forest Essentials which is 100% pure distilled with absolutely no other ingredient. I swear by that stuff and it instantly gives me relief and subsides the flare up. I think Lush has one in their line up too, not sure how pure though!

6. I try not to use face masks when my skin is irritated as deep cleansing isn’t on the top of my priorities!

7. Try and figure out what may have caused it. In my case its usually food related and not so much about skincare. I have to instantly cut out all oily food, milk and sugar especially during breakouts. Redness and irritation happens when I am very harsh on my skin or use something abrasive, so that calls of staying clear from all strong products like I said in (1)

Whats your mode of dealing with a sudden spell of sensitivity?

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