Where I’ve Been & Some Beauty Talk!

Dior Nude BB Creme MAC Gingerly blush MAC Glamour Era Mineralize Rich lipstick MAC Powersurge eye kohl makeup favorites mac makeup the conscience fund Sephora Formula X nail polish Monumental La Roche Posay Toleriane Riche moisturiser Forrest essentials Sanjivani Beauty Elixir

A BIG HELLO to everyone who is back here reading this! Apologies for the disappearing act and hope you had a great Diwali. I was just too busy being happy and loved and excited, I almost forgot I need to show up here! Time with family just flies and its never enough! So hows everyone been all this while? What have you been upto? Fill me up!

I hadn’t queued up posts this time around, because I knew I’d be busy and I didn’t want to have half-hearted hurried posts which don’t interest anyone! I thought I’d get back into the blogging box with a few favorites for the past month. I realise that there wasn’t too much makeup and beauty being talked about in these parts lately but I have plenty of things to share now.

I have been going mostly makeup free (as-per-usual-for-holidays) but haven’t gone “clean skin” free. Thankfully. All irregularities with my skin have cleared up and it looks better than it has for months! I have been using very few products so it didn’t take too much exercise to realise that the Toleriane Riche Moisturiser, that I spoke briefly about in my last post, has worked its charm. I traveled up north this month where the weather was colder and drier and this has helped keep my skin healthy and balanced which I am so grateful for.

Another new and super duper good addition to my skincare was the Forest Essentials Sanjeevani Elixirwhich I had heard so much about for years! This is one heck of a plumping serum my God! My skin is smooth, GLOWY, soft and plump every time I use it! Its expensive, and hard to get even in India but its something I wouldn’t mind spending on now because its that good! I love using it as a makeup base for special days as well and it makes my skin look so.. expensive.. for lack of a better word!

I have fallen back in love with my Dior Nude BB Creme which I brought along for the holiday. This + the Sanjeevani Elixir = AMAZING skin, period! I have in fact re-discovered a lot of forgotten products this month, MAC’s Gingerly blush being one of them. I have been loving the teracotta/burnt peach hues of Gingerly which gives me a nice defined cheek, with a hint of color that is great for the colder weather and also when you pop a red lip. I have to have a light hand as this is super-pigmented but after using it nearly everyday I now know my way through it with my eyes closed.. well almost!

Dior Nude BB Creme MAC Gingerly blush MAC Glamour Era Mineralize Rich lipstick MAC Powersurge eye kohl makeup favorites mac makeup the conscience fund

The next MAC thing I have had a lot of use out of, after practically dismissing it as “too light” for me is PowerSurge Eye Kohl. Now this is a tricky one because it IS a little too light for my coloring so I use it only on the lower waterline to brighten my eyes up! I am sure this would be darker and smokier on lighter skintones and this is one MAC product you should definitely check out if you haven’t already!

The top favorite this month has to be the Mineralize Rich lipstick from MAC called Glamour Era which I’m in LOVE with. I bought this pretty long ago when this line was just launched and hadn’t used it much. Cannot remember what made me try it again but so glad I did! This is a gorgeous natural browny-pink on my very very my-lips-but-better! I think this will be a gorgeous nude on skintones darker than mine (NC 40) and a very 90’s appropriate lipstick on lighter lovelies!

Look at me, almost two weeks of no show and now I am recommending stuff left-right-and-center! Also, before I forget the Formula X nail polish in Monumental is pretty much what I have worn on my nails this whole month! Gorgeous gorgeous nude add that to the list as well!

In other news, I am officially a gym-goer now! Well, not for very long but there have been signs of improvement! Yay! Here’s hoping the enthusiasm doesn’t die and I have considerable progress to show soon!

I am going to try and post regularly now and hopefully will have lots to interest you. Have SO much back reading to do, guess I have enough reading material for a couple of weeks eh?

So until Friday, have a great week!

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