Pamper means Rub Rub Rub

Lush rub rub rub weekend essentials favorite body scrub best body scrub from Lush the conscience fund

Sharing today my one and only pamper product! I have talked about it on and off on the blog and suggested it to people but recently when I opened my 5th tub of this, I knew it was time this was praised formally!

While I love reading about other bloggers’ pamper routine and essentials, I am never able to have one myself. Lack of time or just sheer laziness, I just find it too excessive and lack the patience I think! I find a mid-week mask-routine something I can stick to without spending too much time.

Ever since I found Rub Rub though, pamper has a whole new definition! This is like a weekly de-stresser and mood-changer in a tub. It makes me feel like a new person and ready to face Monday every time I use it! I like a body scrub to be effective, non-oily, and wash off completely without drying my skin too much. Lush Rub Rub Rub is all that, plus amazing and has changed my concept about body products.

Rub Rub Rub looks and smells like the ocean, its amply scrubby with tonnes of sea salt which when you rub over yourself melts while sloughing off all dead skin and dryness and leaving you with the smoothest, shiniest skin ever! That is NO exaggeration! The smell is summery, minty and very refreshing. The texture is grainy to start off but as you work it on the skin, it dissolves. The best part though, there is no oily film or any crystallized left overs on the skin which happens with other kind of scrubs where there is a lot of waste afterwards.

As Lush is no longer sold in India, its always on the top of my shopping list when I travel abroad. The tub in the picture was from Paris hence the French name. If you have a Lush store around (LUCKY YOU!) then give this a whiff and prepare to be amazed! Just look at that blue goodness, its very difficult to not over-do, you are warned!

What are your favorites body scrubs? Hopefully something to replace this!

Lush rub rub rub weekend essentials favorite body scrub best body scrub from Lush the conscience fund

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