Hows Blogging Working Out for Me


I have been blogging for six months and there has not been a day when I have not loved and enjoyed what I do here at The Conscience Fund. The incredible support and appreciation which drives every thought and post, the sheer fun of engaging with people as excited about everything as I am has kept me really busy! I wanted to mark this milestone with a few thoughts on my journey so far.

The Lessons

– It takes a while (a month approx) before you start getting noticed
– Its good to be competitive, keeps you from being complacent
– Don’t over burden yourself with schedules. When you are new this is one luxury you can enjoy
– Find what you are best at. Don’t force yourself into anything. It shows
– Be kind and appreciative. Return a favor
– Don’t expect quick success. You are very lucky if it happens
– Be proud of what you are doing
– Don’t overspend just to keep up. Be wise

The Content

When I didn’t own a blog of my own, there were things that I would never notice. Similarities, sponsorships, intentions, followers etc. I was just “reading” blogs not bothered about aspects of blogging which only a blogger would notice. I would go back to a blog instinctively, something about the blogger’s writing, or photos would stick in my mind and I would go back to their blog for more, sometimes even binge read posts because I enjoyed the blog so much!

When I started my own blog, I always kept those pointers in mind. I would always remind myself what made me read a blog post and go back to a blog. What did I like about it? I told myself, if I write what I like to read then there is a possibility that someone else would like it too. This has been my guiding compass ever since!

The Readers

I have experimented with my posts a lot. Sometimes I have put up only pictures with labels, sometimes I have had long boring stories, sometimes I have been preachy and other times I have been completely unsure about what I am doing here. I have been disappointed with my growth and other times I have a good push and done well. Through all of this, I have always had a committed readership who no matter what I do are always around to cheer me on.

I have been extremely lucky to have the best bunch of readers! You are the reason I have blogged thus far and is my single most important excuse for making regular appearances here. If I were writing just for myself and did not care who read it, I’d have a diary. The fact that I have a place online where I share things with people, makes it essential for me to write what I know they would like to read and enjoy, without losing sight of what I want to do.

I have been really fortunate to know some wonderful people through my blog, a lot of whom are incredibly good bloggers. They have inspired me to take better pictures, write better posts, be kind, be generous, be amusing good! For me my blog is as much about the people who read it as it is about myself. There are plenty of examples of amazing blogs and bloggers who may or may not have the best photography, or the coolest blog design, but have a great voice, humility and genuine passion for what they do which people can see and appreciate. Its the readership and engagement which is the true measure of a blog’s success and popularity in my opinion.

The Blog

I have always been sure of how I want my blog to look, simple and easy to navigate. I am currently using a free template from wordpress and apart from the $18 I spent on the domain name, I have not spent a dime either on the logo, equipment, hosting or space. I do realise the importance of having a stylish design and cool hosting platform but I also believe that those things are secondary. There is only so much a stylish design can do for a blog, it can never make up for bad content.

Its 2014, most of us have it sorted in our heads which blogs to go to for the “New In”, which for reviews, and which for everything else. I want to be the “everything else”. I want to be that person who is more of a friend than an unknown face on a website. I want to talk about things that you might already have, help you make smarter choices. I want to be one who does not push you to go buy everything, someone whose understanding of things goes deeper than the brand’s label.

The Stats

In 6 months I have had

  1. 127,600+ views
  2. 4483 comments
  3. 433 Bloglovin’ Subscribers and 235 WordPress Subscribers
  4. My favorite posts to write were this, this and this and many more of course
  5. The most popular posts on TCF were this, this and this
  6. The most commented posts were this, this and this

Hope you enjoyed this little round up. Let me know your thoughts!

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