The Aesop Mashup

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Face masks are a tricky territory if you ask me! They are more potent than a cleanser but may not be as nourishing as a serum. Besides, you need to be very careful and choose wisely based on your skin type or you would end up with more problems than you started with! Nevertheless, masks are the first thing I pick-up in times of trouble and I have seldom been disappointed.

I have previously written odes to my love for the face mask every beauty crazy person and their mum has tried – Aesop’s Parsely Seed Masque. On my combination skin, its very gentle, deep cleansing and instantly brightening. Its one of those masks I can slather all over my face and forget! Although these days I time it to about 7-8 minutes and don’t let it dry completely on the skin. My tube of this has been going strong for the past 6 months, which if I do the math is a pretty good deal!

The other day I caved in and bought another blogger favorite, The Chamomile Concentrate Anti-Blemish masque. The thing with this one is that its more of a targeted mask for when you have active blemishes and I feel that description is appropriate. I tried using it on the whole face in the beginning, and didn’t feel quite right. It felt stronger on the skin and left me slightly irritated at places I didn’t need it. Consider yourself warned!

I decided to use it only on the blemishes and used the original Parsley Seed masque everywhere else, and lo behold! The perfect mask concoction! This mashup has been my jam for the past few weeks and I am hooked! Although not a miracle cure, but the Chamomile mask helps reduce the blemishes a lot, while my original love, Parsley Seed mask deep cleanses other areas of the face. I make sure I use a nourishing face oil right after a mask routine; this is the ultimate treat for my skin!

A special mention goes to the Avene Thermal Spring Water, my new skin companion! Credit goes to Shari, who has raved about it tonnes in the past! I have been using this more than any other product this past month and I can definitely see the hype! I use it pre and post face mask application and this has banished the “stretchy” feel I used to get after clay masks.

Sadly my 150 m tin is already close to its end but thats only because of how MUCH I use it! I will definitely repurchase this one!

I am already tempted to try other products from the Parsley Seed Range. Someone enable me please!

Hope you had a great start to the week!

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