Posts I Loved This Week – 4


Good Morning! I am back with another one in this series which now officially has been named all wrong! Clearly I have not been very good at keeping it a weekly event-recapper but then if I call it anything else it sounds off! I guess we are stuck with this for now. Just heads up, whenever you see this post pop up on your feed, don’t expect anything!

1. Getting back, I have been having the laziest week and right now I am at my best mood vise. Its got to do with the time of the year of course with all the run up-to Christmas, the shopping and decorating everyone’s been talking about! My feed is flooded with gift ideas and shopping guides (some of which sounds ridiculously expensive and make no sense!). I loved Sophie’s and Ellie’s ideas of handmade gifts which also help support independent/small businesses. I think its a great idea which not just makes the gifts unique and personal it also helps someone’s sales and business.

2. This week I revamped my Pinterest and I am addicted! I’ve had a profile for a really long time (nearly 4 years) and never had the time to really spend on it. Its such a great platform for collages, collections and creating inspirations. If you fancy following me you can click on the picture above!

3. This week I have been on an Orange-diet, eating oranges for all three (sometimes four) meals. That is certainly making up for all the Vitamin C my skin and body needs. Guess what by the end of winter I am going to be one glowing bulb! *fingers crossed*


4. Talking about food, I have been feasting my eyes on Linda’s blog these past few weeks. I first started following her on Instagram and then next step, her food and photography blog which is a masterpiece. This cute video of piping cupcakes is so adorable, makes me want to be a pastry chef when I grow up ha! I can spend hours just scrolling through her feed and imagining the taste in my mouth yum!

5. My 2015 travel bucket list is in full swing. I have quite a few places on my radar of which Japan and Iceland figure at the top! Then of course there is Paris where I can go any number of times! Will share my travel this year and wishlist for next year soon, meanwhile if you need to gorge on some Icelandic adventure look here! Also, this post by Brooke is a life saver for the travel noob! Definitely worth bookmarking for when you are booking flights next!


6. I have new found love for the “glitter-iest eye shadow I own” MAC tempting! Another of those I have had for a while but was too much of a chicken to use and now I cannot wait to wear it for the next party! Not that I am getting invited to too many BUT,  I think I might even wear it in the day because its just beautiful! Perfect my-eyes-but-better-and-shimmery look complete with a sexy bronze haze what more have I ever asked?

7. I also finally caught up with Interstellar and Gone Girl, back-to-back! What an experience! Both entirely different movies but equally captivating and stunning! No spoilers here, you are advised to watch them before they are off the theaters!

8. Something else I have been binging on this month is Avatar. I watched the newer series first which is The Legend of Korrathe sequel to Avatar. After polishing of three full seasons of Korra we had time to kill while waiting for the 4th and current season, so we decided to watch the original series, Avatar The Last Airbender also just called Avatar. If you are a animation fan or just a Japanese Anime lover.. watch it! Is a 9.2 on IMDB more convincing?


Thats it, thats all from my end. Hows your week been? Any highlights?

Have a great Sunday!

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