The Aesop Change

Aesop Nourishing shampoo aesop volumizing conditioner aesop hair products best of aesop

Swaps and changes in my routine and products aligned with the wavering weather! Not sure if its really a good thing but, where I live the weather rarely gets extreme. In fact, right now its not the weather a city in the northern hemisphere should experience, probably because we are too close to the tropics? Whatever!

However, my scalp and skin have decided to have their own little dry winter and here I am with a scaly dry scalp and even drier skin! To combat that, obviously I need alterations which brings us to the subject of this post. I bought both of these in February and haven’t used since (so typical!).

Anyway, I went on to purchase this pair because I knew my scalp needed nourishment (more than anything) and a little volume never hurt anyone!

Shampoo: The nurturing shampoo which I bought serves me ample doses of nourishment and moisture that my head needs. Its creamy consistency like a balm/creamy cleanser which at this time of the year is God-sent. Its gentle, easy to cleanse, balancing and does not weigh down my hair.

Now I am not entirely sure how this would fare for those with thinner hair but if you have hair which is normal to coarse and you can get your hands on this, I’d say go for it! I have only used this twice (hence the nearly full bottles!) but, the shampoo has really helped calm my angry scalp and kept it from getting scaly and dry. Sadly, hair care from Aesop is hard to come buy online for us in India. CultBeauty carries the line but they do not have any hair products on their website yet. Keep an eye out!

Conditioner: Like I said, I had opted for a volumising conditioner while buying the shampoo. So when I switched my shampoo I thought why not! Lets use the conditioner too! After washing my hair with the nurturing shampoo, this conditioner takes care of the buildup, adds body, keeps it from getting flat. Its nothing revolutionary and I would probably not repurchase this if ever but, this pair right now – nurturing shampoo + volumising conditioner – works really well.

I really like the shampoo right now, and would probably save it for the next winter too if I can.

Aesop Nourishing shampoo aesop volumizing conditioner aesop hair products best of aesop

Have you tried hair-care from Aesop? What are your must-haves? Read about my other favorites here.

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