The Changes This Year

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We are a blink away from 2015 and I am not even ready for it! This year has been so good to me it breaks my heart to see it go! The Facebook “Year in Review” is cringe worthy to say the least but this is my mellowed down, less obtrusive version right here!

Before I brace myself for the new year and its surprises and shocks, I thought I’d let you know (very briefly) what was new to me this year and what I did! In chronological order,


Got Married It was time we stopped living separately and had a life together. I couldn’t imagine a better partner and a better life.

Travelled To Europe This was a honeymoon trip but not quite. We were two super enthusiastic tourists who walked the whole way through Paris, Venice and Rome and had the time of our lives! A first time for both it was an experience we’ll never forget!


Started a Blog This has been life changing in more ways than one and the joy it brings me each day is unparalleled! My only regret is not starting earlier.

May & June

Fairly uneventful months personally but this is when my blog flourished and I got to know more about whats out there in the blogging community. Most of the month was spent cursing my day job and loving blogging!


A Trip To Spain If there ever was a trip which could challenge my love for Paris it was Spain. Barcelona, Granada, Seville and Madrid. Bathed in the clear blue water, got burnt in the sun, had tonnes of paella, and fell in love with the country! Going back for more definitely!


Quit My Job After much thought and deliberation I decided I was going to do something about the fact that my job wasn’t making me happy!


Blogged Full Time September was a month that I dedicated to my blog and it paid. September was among the best months for my blog and it really showed in numbers as well. A lot of you joined me and have been around since. Thank you!


Tackled Sleep Issues It was time to tackle my fitness and sleep issues. I had the oddest sleeping habits and that was only adding to my weighty voes. I joined a gym, started working out, changed my food habits and got into a healthier lifestyle.

Lived With The Parents I haven’t disclosed it on the blog but I stayed with my parents for a month during mid October to mid November. It was then that most of my health issues were addressed and my Mum helped a lot with it. Living away from my husband was tough but he was supportive. While it was not much fun for him I had the best time with my parents! (Sorry Rishi!)


More Home Decor Got a new dresser and have been adding new furniture to the house gradually ever since. I am very happy with how my home is shaping up! I’d love to show you guys how everything looks if you’re interested? 


More Travel Plans for another travel is already underway and we’ve booked tickets for a U2 show in Berlin in September! *faint* I am beyond excited and cannot wait! My parents are here for the holidays and right now I have a packed house with a lot of noise and happiness! (Also, this is why I was missing around these parts last week)

I’d love to know what were the best things this year for you? Let me know!


I want to thank all of you who have been such incredible supporters and readers and have shown my blog so much love. It means a lot when you guys comment and converse, its everything that I could have wanted! I wish you a VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR and lots of success and joy in the coming year. May it be your best year so far!

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