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Seeing that a lot of you joined my blog recently and decided to read what I write (for as long as you will), I am really grateful and happy for it and wanted to thank you (and everyone of you who read TCF) while hoping I can keep your interest alive and kicking for the months to come. In the meanwhile please feel free to voice your thoughts, experiences and (constructive) criticism on everything and anything which happens on the blog and I will try and be as much of a sport as I can!

I have been blogging a decent amount of time and while in the beginning I had a Mon-Wed-Fri-Sun schedule, I gradually ran out of steam and got slightly erratic with the publishing schedules. Even though I have been putting up atleast 3 posts every week but because of a lack of schedule (for day and time) I get a feeling it must be tiring to find new content for those of you who do not follow my blog through a feed reader or bloglovin’.

TCF is completely and non-negotiably a personal blog and I have always found a blogging schedule to be the antithesis of personal. I have never liked the idea of scheduling posts for the future except when I am traveling, but that changed as well because I wanted to engage with my readers while they read the posts in real time. That wasn’t easy as often it meant there were no posts for weeks and that automatically translated into a lull for the blog.

Keeping my readers in mind, I feel a gnawing need to finally commit to the blog and take up responsibility.

Let me tell you the schedule first.

From the coming week onwards, I will be putting up 3 posts per week on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday at 8 p.m. Indian Time and 2.30 p.m. GMT/UTC. This fixed schedule is going to help me be on my toes and get a little more productive as well as help you find fresh content easily. Considering its me, you can expect a surprise post every week on any of the days just to satisfy my inner rebel!

My blogging process is very informal and unorganized and I secretly love it. I am usually my most productive in the evenings and noon which is when post ideas buzz through my head and I try and create as many drafts as possible. These drafts then sit in my dashboard for hours, days and sometimes months before I come back and feel interested enough to write about them. Other times (most times) if I love an idea a LOT I immediately get down to writing it and publish in 2 hours.

Now that I have committed to a schedule, I am trying to work it in my head how I am going to keep the essence of my blog intact without compromising reader’s experience.

Here’s what I’ll do :

1. Considering that I already have plenty of drafts in store, I can look through them and find the ones which are inspiring enough to write further.

2. I will then try to fix a time during each day of the week to devote to the blog based on when I feel the most inclined and creative. This should also include the time to be spent on creating graphics or editing photos.

3. I can complete writing a post and leave it to be reviewed later.

4. Plan the posts in terms of graphics and photos and make a note of how to photograph different things. Take pictures.

5. Set aside a few hours to read through my bloglovin’ feed and get my daily fix.

6. Engage on the other social media platforms that I am a part of namely, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.

7. Get better at promoting posts and find a use for the scheduling apps.

I have been really encouraged from the response to the blog in the last few of months and its very fulfilling to have so many of you taking time and engaging with me.

Let me know if this is something that you find convenient and also share if there is anything you’d like to see more of (or less of) on the blog.

Have a great week ahead!

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