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You know the drill with spending-ban(s) right?? I had made it loud and clear to the world (and to myself) that I wasn’t going to buy any makeup until.. whenever, and under NO circumstances is that changing sooner than it has to. But! January happens to be my birthday month (aha!), and just to keep up the happy vibe (as per usual for birthdays) a little bout of shopping might be essential. Right!

Its still a good week away, (January 23rd if you must know!) so I am spending substantial amount of my dreary days making wishlists and browsing the “New-In” at my go-to online joints. Of course the first stop was CultBeauty.

If you are fellow country men/women, the pain of not having a lot of the brands around is not unfamiliar to you. Online shopping, especially for beauty products is my only way out (not that I am complaining in the least). Given the extortionate shipping prices at the likes of Space.Nk, Cult Beauty is the dream! I have shopped several times from them and they ship for free (and very quickly) for all orders above £50.

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Here is whats been sitting in my virtual bag for a while:

GlamGlow Super Clearing Mud Mask Treatment

“Super Sexy Super Radiant Skin” Yesss Please! This is so excruciatingly expensive for the tiny 30ml tub that I cannot bring my self to press the “buy” button, unless you know.. I go crazy? I have read enough raves and watched enough youtubers sing praises for this one and I was made to believe its the next miracle! I am constantly battling black-heads on my nose and this is said to help with clearing banishing them. I would love to discover a much much cheaper dupe much much soon. We’ll see!

Oskia Renaissance Mask

I am an Oskia convert and the only logical thing to do now is to try everything they have to offer! This mask has a lot of fans (like everything else in this post.. duh!) and I really don’t need too much convincing anyways. I am sure this is as good (or even better if thats possible) as the Renaissance gel cleanser and I cannot wait to try it. If only for the price, this would have already made its way home!

Aesop Purifying Facial Exfoliant

Last year, I stumbled upon CultBeauty through my hunt for a website that shipped Aesop. Its only obvious that I always have a spot reserved in my cart for an Aesop product. This time around its the Purifying Facial Exfoliant which I am all too eager to use. I have previously tried a sample and it was gooood. I think given my sensitive skin I might have to be more careful with the use but for the stubborn blackheads I think this will be the perfect antidote.

Sachajuan Hair Repair

I tried a generous sample of this recently and was instantly wowed by how good it made my hair in one use! I am currently battling with a lot of frizz and statics and I’m way overdue a cut. All attempts to hold on to the long tresses seem to be failing and this is the one I have pinned my hopes on to save me a premature chop! The thing is I don’t find the price to offensive and for the ml-per-cent this is a good deal in fact.

Things are still coming in and out of the bag, hopefully I will commit soon!

Have you tried any of the above? What’s on your wishlist right now?

Tell Me!


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