Shopping The Sales, Pinning Spree & Weekend Reads

Weekend dressing Zara Jeans Zara Shoes Mango Button Down Silk Shirt Mango Printed shirts Mango Viscose Shirts Zara striped t shirts Zara shoes

This schedule thing may not be going very well for me considering I was almost going to miss the first Saturday, but I am still warming up to the idea and it might be a while before I am in the groove. Stay with me there is always hope! I wanted to keep this post casual and (agenda-less) just to recap the week and share a few things I did, loved and read.


I was really happy to find good T shirts in Zara for very cheap so I stocked up for spring. These red shoes are everything right now, flat ballerinas with pretty red suede is nothing I’d normally go for but these were just too good to pass up! My husband always cringes when I have them on (and that might just add to the pleasure of wearing them *evil smirk*)

Stripes are my favorite thing to wear and there were some really soft and bold ones up for grabs. I also got this really cool “New York” t-shirt in black which is so zingy! I also bought a few button downs from Mango on major discount which I am so stoked about!

Weekend dressing Zara Jeans Zara Shoes Mango Button Down Silk Shirt Mango Printed shirts Mango Viscose Shirts

The Body Shop had decent discounts and while I was in the shop for a loofah and Cotton pads (harmless), I also obviously picked up more than I needed! The Vitamin C exfoliator is something I’ve used in the past and liked so I picked to see how my skin takes it this time around. The Olive body butter and body scrub had a half price sale and I just had to get them both. Among my favorite scents and half price, it does not get any better! BTW, the Mountain Rose Body Butter is still not back in stock and the little hope I had is dying away slowly!

The Body Shop Haul Vitamin E gentle face wipes Vitamin C Exfoliant Olive body butter Olive Body Scrub cotton wool the body shop

Favorite Pins 

I am pinning stuff on Pinterest like there is no tomorrow! I am officially crazily in love with all the home inspiration and clothes and pictures of places there are. We are talking hours and hours of pinning and spamming twitter! Here are some of my favorites this week:

Weekend Reads 

*Spoiler Alert* For those of you who still haven’t watched Gone Girl (Whats wrong with you?), this is the trailer for the movie if trailers were ever made to be honest! laugh riot!

The internet almost “broke” for me when Anna appeared on ITG! This my dear is what a blogging dream looks like! If you haven’t caught up with that union you are not living!

My 2015 reads aren’t in place yet but I have been really loving the posts coming my way so far. Every blogger I admire have upped their (blogging) game and the scene has never been better! This piece by Cath was such a good read! If you find it taxing to decorate the house without displeasing the boy you’d TOTALLY get it!

I have been contemplating a blog upgrade both in terms of hosting and design and the world seems divided between Squarespace and! This post by Lauren was perfectly timed and I think the final push for the impending big move. I am looking at both flexibility and manageability which I think i’ll have with Squarespace. Thoughts?

Also, Lauren’s blog is something I have found myself scrolling through endlessly as her style and content is among the best I’ve found in its category (creatives). She really has it all in one place when it comes to blogging resources and advice!

Hope you are having a great weekend!


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