MAC Makeup Rediscovered

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Its been a while since I talked makeup on the blog. The last time I filled you up on whats on my makeup tray for January, and while it looked all concise and streamlined, the truth is I am constantly trying to find old products in my collection to add to the regular lineup and try to put them to use, if I can.

I have a MAC anomaly that even though I detest most of MAC’s products and have never been 100% satisfied, I still make it a point to enter a MAC store if I spot one. It just. has to. happen! This often ends in a bag of goodies, brought proudly home, only never to look at them again.

All said and done, MAC is still one of the more affordable and easily available brands the world over, and there is always hope that my constant rants might reach them one day and they’ll decide to up their quality and we’ll live happily ever after! #AGirlCanDream

Peachtwist Sheertone Blush This is one of the prettiest peach-pink-with-golden-shimmer (*hint hint* Nars Orgasm) blushes made for medium dark skintones. I heard a rumor that this has been discontinued and I quickly gave myself a pat on the back for doing the deed and snagging one for myself years ago! Clearly, it has been untouched for a really long time and now that I have put it use I am reassured everytime that I have a lot in there to last! The shimmer is soft and not chunky, gives a sheen and not glitter to the cheeks and can be built up or down as one likes! I am calling it perfect you see!

Arena Eyeshadow The time when MAC eyeshadows were still affordable and I used to buy them with in the pots! Good’ol days! Arena always disappointed me with a very sheer pigmentation and finish but once I started layering it over a neutral base of eye shadow primer, the beauty came through. One of those colors which I am constantly trying to hunt down, neutral, my-eyelids-but-better, and this is just that! Slight peachy tones cancel out any dullness and the satin finish adds a little something along with oodles of sophistication to the eyes. Highly recommend it to everyone!

Mulch Eyeshadow There was a time when I used it almost everyday to smudge my eyeliner. A beautiful brown shimmery bronze, a neutral lover’s dream! This is the perfect brown-bronze complex color for somebody with similar undertones as me; if you are fairer this would be darker but very pretty nonetheless! This is one of my top 4 MAC eyeshadows recommendations.

Hush Cream Color Base Remember how everyone was going crazy over rose-gold highlighters last year? This one from MAC has been around for years and yet no one really speaks about it! Its a creamy GORGEOUS rose-gold highlighter, with fine shimmer which disappears into a sheen on the face and adds a glow. Highlighter finish is a very personal thing, what might be too much for some can be natural for others, but this one is actually almost undetectable on the skin and there is only light on the high points. For highlighter chickens like me this is God sent!

Teddy Eye Kohl I have always loved this eyeliner, but ever since MAC’s Coffee eye pencil came into my life I kind of lost sight of this one. Found it rolling one day (on the table), wore it and loved it all over again! I am determined to finish this one soon (its been there for a while!) so I can buy a fresh one. I am wearing it here along with Hush and other MAC products.

Select MoistureCover Concealer I exchanged this with my Mum for MAC’s Pro Long Wear Concealer which she loves. I think this is nice for dry skin, but the finish is not as seamless and undetectable as I would like. I am using this up right now, hopefully as I go the experience will change for the better. Let me know how you use it if you do!

Hug Me Lipstick I don’t like this lipstick but I cannot see it waste away. I am using it up and will probably never look in its direction again! So much hatred! More on this here.

I have a lot of MAC products to go through. Expect a few more introductions on the blog in the coming weeks and possibly in the February makeup bag!

How is it going between you and MAC? Let Me know!

Have a Great Week!

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