Things I Love To Hate

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The one where I list down my favorite things to hate and try and give a legit reason! Enjoy!

MAC lipsticks 

Its not my lips trust me, I have a fairly well behaved pout, neither chronically dry nor chapped, but most of the formulas from MAC do not agree with them. Also, somehow all their pinks tend to be blue-toned on me which is a major put off. Sorry MAC! Read More.

Lip Glosses

Tacky, sticky, No color? Whats the point?

Vampy Lips 

I am all for “pretty” but I have never understood whats pretty about a super dark vixen lipstick. I could be lame.

Dry Shampoo

First, don’t wash hair for days, second, add some more “dirt” to it….. really? I would scratch my scalp off if I have stuff on it!

Spidery Lashes

I hate the clumpy, excessive lash look, unless you are out to make a statement!

Over Done Brows

Fail to see the beauty in something which is obviously made up and unnatural. Fill them up and let them be. They’re perfect!

Perfumed Nail Polish

Cannot fathom what made the brands add a completely artificial, migraine inducing odour to ruin my nail painting experience.

Coconut Oil

The “IT” product for 2014 and super healthy etc.. etc.. but, I cannot in the life of me get past that smell and grease.

Eyeshadow Palettes

The only palette I have, Urban Decay Naked palette (original) is practically *untouched* to date. Need I say more?

Full Coverage Foundation

While I don’t exactly hate it, my skin and foundations have never gotten along. Somehow any kind of base makeup appalls me and I would choose bare skin over “perfected” skin any day.

Limited Edition Products

The temptation to get every holiday release overrules all logic and sense. I mean how can someone in their right senses NOT pay $500 for that Nars vault? Right!?

Over Promotion

Who likes getting spammed with links in the comments section and twitter feed? No One!


This formula has been redone and bettered a LOT of times already! How I Met Your Mother anyone? Get over Friends!


What do you love to hate?

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