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New Favorite Moisturiser Avene rich compensating cream review

Beauty routines have an inherent tendency to get complex and our curiosity only adds to that. In that ocean of blogs and products and reviews its very rare for me to come across something which is truly spectacular minus a shocking price tag. Well.. that changed!

*Throws every other moisturiser in the bin* I have found the answer to all my moisturiser prayers!

simple – check, hydrating – check, non-greasy (non-negotiable) – check, suitable for dry sensitive skin – check! The Avene Rich Compensating Cream has been a very very exciting discovery for me and I have waited a good month before saying it out loud. I LOVE THIS.

There are a sh*tload of serums and facial oils out there and traditional moisturisers have gradually lost their market (a lot of us who are old-school might beg to differ). Although, technically we still need to seal in the benefits from those expensive concoctions and add extra hydration, so a moisturiser is the likely pick. That said, it does not need to be state-of-the-art (read filthy expensive), rather a simple non-greasy emollient well do just fine in my opinion. This is exactly what the Rich Compensating Cream is.

It is made up of 63% Avene Thermal Spring Water which is my holy grail soothing, hydrating concoction of ph 7.5 and low salt minerals with (of course) water. The rest is Vitamin E complex and Glycerine which provide antioxidants and hydration. The texture is thick (like really thick) but once I massage it on the skin it feels like condensed milk and instantly soothes and plumps my skin. In about a minute of applying this, it completely disappears off the surface and all thats left is hydrated, plump, glowing skin which is very comfortable. I wear it both AM/PM and sometimes just on its own and I am SO sorted!

In comparison to my earlier favorite, La Roche Posay’s Toleriane Riche moisturiser, I think I prefer this over that only because the LRP feels a tad greasier and is more suitable for dry winters, while this one will work in hotter months too (especially during the night. Hopefully). Did I mention that this makes an excellent pre makeup/concealer base too? It Does! +100

This moisturiser lies somewhere between the drugstore and high end category (price wise) and given the average life time of a jar of 50ml moisturiser, this is not going to be a pain to repurchase. The jar itself, solid glass, pristine white and orange letters is so pretty and “kind” to look at! playing-with-the-mind kind of packaging gets me everytime! In fact this is the pattern with most of my skincare

If  its “No Frills” that you are after, this is as no-frills as it gets plus a punch of hydration.

 Avene is available at most drugstores and you can also buy it online here, and here (currently on offer at both websites).

 Have you tried Avene’s Rich Compensating Cream?

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