The New Kind of Neutral

Deborah Lippmann Diamonds and Pearls Seche Vite Top Coat nude nail colors shimmer nails

I have been on a nail detox for the past few months thanks to my tips turning a disgusting shade of yellow which could mean two things A) I am turning anemic, or B) I am wearing too much nail color for too long!

Being a healthy foodie and gym-goer, (A) has very low probability of happening so I’ll go with (B). After a few months of nail polish abstinence my nails are back to being “pink” with health, less prone to chipping and thinning and feel much much stronger. Avoiding the chemistry and biology behind it lets just say its all thanks to my nails being chemical free for a long time!

Also, the more important question is, did that stop me from buying more colors and nail things? No obviosuly! A duly placed order for a couple of Deborah Lippmann nail polish and the much loved Sech Vite Top Coat arrived aaaand… all nail problems forgotten! I learn nothing.

Diamonds and Pearls is a clear base with tiny tiny golden and silver shimmer (some bronze too) which makes it a beautiful duo-chrome nail polish. This would traditionally be used as a top coat over creamy and non-shimmery nail colors but for me it is a perfect neutral everyday-with-something-something nail color. Twist and turn hands under the light and observe the shimmer (new favorite passtime) 

Deborah Lippmann Diamonds and Pearls Seche Vite Top Coat nude nail colors shimmer nails

Having never tried Deborah Lippmann before (but only heard great things) I was instantly impressed with the formula. This swatch on my nails is a week old (without the top coat) and it has NOT chipped! Consider me a fan!

The only gripe is (yes I am picky that ways) the brush is a little thin and sometimes causes streaks but thats probably because my nails are broad-er than usual.. may be?

Wish the pictures were better (I suck at nail polish swatches sorry), feel free to feast your eyes on other swatches online.. totally worth it! FYI, I also got a baby blue color which I am going to try next. Will keep you posted!

Do you like Deborah Lippmann nail colors? Have you tried this one? Tell Me your favorites!

P.S: I bought all of this on Luxola (including Seche Vite) and this is not a sponsored post.

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