Everything After A Nail Polish Purge

nail polish storage and organization nail polish collection

You know the drill.. stash getting out of hand, pour everything on the bed, try, think, purge and organize! This time I ruthlessly axed my nail polish stash, got rid of gloopy and old and kept the fresh and good. The idea is I should be able to contain this stash and keep it limited to one compartment of my acrylic storage and keep it down to this.

I love how colorful everything looks now and gives me much less heartache now that I have a smaller stash to maintain. It was hard to giveaway all the rest but it had to be done. (I am going to do the same with all my lipsticks so expect a post on that soon!)

nail polish storage and organization nail polish collection

I have tried to keep everything brand-wise so there is KIKO (amazing finish and quality for really really cheap besides a rack full of colors), Max Facttor’s Glossfinity (not an extensive range but there are a lot which I really like), Sally Hansen Salon Manicure (the best kind of brush and a lot of variation in finishes, also colors), Sally Hansen Hard as Nails (one color in particular, Wet Cement is a gorgeous taupey-grey-hints-of-green. I love it!)

A few of these are a couple of years old but still going strong. I hate how the drugstores here always put labels on the bottle screw cap. Its impossible to remove and makes the whole thing look all the more shabby. KIKO is a great exception though!

nail polish storage and organization nail polish collection

In the more expensive (and decadent) range I have a couple of Dior (Grege, Incognito), a few different and well loved Chanel (Frenzy, Elixir, Rose Caché), a couple of OPI (some had to be done with *sob*), Formula X (Monumental is a gorgeous nude), YSL (Gris Deco, stunning grey with silver specks) and Lancôme (Madame Tulipe, my only red nail polish!).

Among new acquisitions, there is Deborah Lippmann (Diamonds and Pearls, Blue Orchid), Estēe Lauder (Dilettante) and Nars (Gold Viper).

I had to get rid of all my Revlon nail polishes which were mostly worse for wear and the few that survived were given away. A few Sally Hansen Salon Manicure were purged and so were a couple from Bourjois.

nail tools and care products seche vite sally hansen tweezerman

For nail tools I mostly use Sally Hansen but I have been really loving the Tweezerman nail files recently. I am yet to try glass files but these seem to do the job pretty well for now. Also, Sech Vite Top Coat is AMAZING! Kicking myself for not getting it earlier! The Sally Hansen Cuticle Remover DOES NOT work in the 10 secs its supposed to and it isn’t actually great but I lack options. Rose & Co salve for everything including lips, knuckles, nails etc.

I’d love to get recommendation from you, is there anything kickass I need to try? Shoot!

P.S: Happy Valentine’s Day!

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