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I have a history of skincare experiments gone wrong a.k.a, too much cleansing, too many serums, way too drying masks, ever changing products.. you get the gist. But I am happy to report that all of it is now in the past and I am much more in control, way more streamlined and except for the occasional bout of extreme face mask dousing, I DO NOT torture my skin!

Also, I have pretty much understood and decoded my own skin and its type and its moods. I have gotten better at listening to it (as they say..) and know when it needs what. It is helluva sensitive, easily aggravated (my own doing) and very short tempered. A few skincare lines that target such skin types have been my go to for the past several months now, Pai Skincare and Oskia being the top picks. My skincare stash (as of last week!) comprises Kiehl’s, a few things from Clarins, Aesop masks and of course the Estēe Lauder Advanced Night Repair which is my holy grail serum for all face problems known to women kind!

besides all of that my curiosity isn’t something that backs own so I have been gradually reading and collecting a few more skincare things. Some are repurchases which were sorely missed, and others satisfy my sweet tooth for new shiny skincare bottles!

new pai gift set pai AHA mask Pai Kakui exfoliator pai skincare

First up is this set from Pai which came in last week and I am very excited about it (to put it mildly)! I have been on a hunt for a gentle yet effective physical exfoliator-cleanser and my quest turned me to Pai which have one in their lineup for sensitive skin. While browsing their website I spotted a gift set which came with a limited edition AHA based clay face mask along with the said exfoliator and I did not need to think twice before ordering it! It is still available on Beautybay for those of you who are interested. I have only tried the mask so far and its very good! I hope they make it part of their regular line soon because I am going to need back ups! I am yet to try the exfoliator but will put up details once I’ve broken in!

While I was at it I also repurchased Pai’s Echium and Argan eye cream (review) which is the best thing I have used for my eyes. Its gentle, hydrating, non-greasy and for my under eye dryness and negligable darkness (for now) it is perfect.

REN radiance perfection serum Avene rich compensating cream best radiance serum for sensitive skin REN skincare

Way back in December I had placed an order for a few REN products which I had my eyes on for a while (like everything else duh!), but really the REN Radiance Perfection serum along with the Glycolactic Radiance Mask (review) and the Micro Polish Cleanser (review) also from their Radiance line had worked pretty well and had me intrigued about the rest of the line.

Anything that promises “radiant skin” gets me and I just cannot look away! I have been using this serum on and off during the day time and haven’t committed to it completely yet so cannot really tell if my skin has benefitted from it or not, but what I can tell you is that it gets absorbed quickly (much too quickly) and my face needs a good moisturiser afterwards. It hasn’t broken out my skin and is great for both day and night but I’d be able to tell the difference only when I use it regularly and consciously.

Finally, the much adored and praised REN’s Evercalm Clarifying Clay Cleanser, which has half the beauty world vouching for its goodness and the other half falling over each other to grab a bottle for themselves (like me). Its great yes, its wonderful and does not strip my skin and works wonderfully as my second cleanser after removing the day’s grime and makeup with a cleaning oil. Luckily for us folks in India, REN is available at a lot of online shopping sites including, CultBeauty (a personal favorite), Luxola, Being Content to name a few.

I have an order of some of my Oskia favorites arriving soon (as seen here) and I cannot wait! Luckily for me they had a gift set complete with their super popular Renaissance Cleansing Gel, Renaissance Mask and a Renaissance Hand and Body Cream. They still seem to have a few pieces left and my advice is GRAB it!

Looks like we are good for half the year eh? We’ll see! I am pretty sure there is definitely something on my wishlist which will come a calling shortly! Life of a skincare hoarder!

Whats new on your skincare shelf?

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