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I don’t use heat on my hair on a regular basis, in fact never, so blow-drys and straighteners are out of the question! In order to keep things looking civilized and grown up I am always on a lookout for products which can make my life easy and feed into my general laziness!

Post washing and conditioning, while my hair is still damp (nearly wet) I run a pump of the Kérastase Elixir Ultime and massage it throughout the hair concentrating more on the frizz-prone areas. Once my hair is semi dry I brush it out gently which brings us to the star of the post:

After consistently using a Tangle Teezer for a year it was time I upgraded my tool to something more ergonomically suited which didn’t break my hair as much. I am happy to report that the Wet Brush performs way better on my hair and breaks much less of it! Since I use it only after my hair has dried half way, it automatically reduces the risk of breakage. (As you can or cannot tell I “accidentally” got the Glo version of the Wet Brush which glows in the dark. Probably meant for kids, I am now having a lot of fun reliving the joy of having glow stickers all around my bedroom at the age of 8!)

I can use both the elixir and the brush on dry hair with slightly different result but it works nonetheless! Especially, when I haven’t washed my hair for a while (read two days tops!) the two together keep it from looking drab and add a ton of bounce and life (sans heat)! Also, the weather here is very dry right now and the temperatures are steadily soaring which can only mean one thing – statics and super electrocuted hair! This duo has done wonders in keeping things in control and saving me from a hay stack look on bad days!

For those of us who stay clear of silicon-y products the elixir may not be for you. Otherwise its been an outstanding product for my hair and I cannot go without using it anymore.. its that addictive!

What are your favorites for taming frizzy hair?

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