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Anything that promises to cure my chronic frizzy hair has me queuing up for a bottle in no time! I am not loyal to my hair products and can never have enough frizz fighting concoctions in my stash. So as soon as the new Kérastase Discipline Range hit the shelves at salons here, I could not have handed my credit card any quicker!

A promise to tame unruly hair, a formula that stays put for 72 hours, sulfate-free ingredient list and a gorgeous smell.. this range from Kérastase has pretty much everything I can ask for! That said,  I was not really expecting it to be *magical* but hey! the 72 hour claim might actually be true! Besides, my hair looks better as the days progress and peaks on the third day. The shampoo gives a lot of body to my hair by itself and I only need the tiniest possible amount to cleanse my entire scalp which for that price is very welcome!

Compared to the previous line that I had been using from Kérastase (sadly not available in India anymore) this one has substantially better frizz-fighting abilities and requires much less after-wash products to keep the hair looking in shape. While the Resistance line was for more “damaged” hair, Discipline line targets hair that is fine, sensitized or lacks body. The top layer of my mop definitely fits that description and since using the new range its much more in control.

You can almost never count on me for a budget recommendation, but sometimes in a stroke of luck I discover an absolute gem in the budget aisle and suddenly my faith in all things “economical” gets restored! In this case, after shampooing I follow up with Dove’s Intense Repair conditioner which has been my goto for almost a year and my hair is sorted until the next wash. Needless to mention, it doesn’t burn a whole in my wallet and considering how quickly I run out of conditioners its always a win for me when a budget conditioner makes my long hair happy!

Kerastase Discipline Bain Fluidealiste Shampoo Kerastase Discipline Masque review best hair masque for frizzy hair best products for frizzy hair

Also, working out everyday can play havoc on my hair because I cannot stand a dirty scalp and dry shampoo is not my thing! Too much washing leads to hair fall blah blah blah so to save my mop I skip shampoo and only use the Dove conditioner on my ends and wash it out. With the Kérastase shampoo still working its magic (in some inexplicable way) this routine helps me have good looking hair inspite of “technically” washing it everyday!

Every once in a while I treat my hair to the Discipline masque. As with all Kérastase masques, this one needs to be applied on towel dried hair, run through the entire length and left on for 30 minutes at least. Hello swishy-swashy hair which comes in the way of work because I am too distracted!

Luckily for me my hair is easier to understand and better behaved (usually). I can experiment and get away with it with no major damages borne!

If you are still undecided on Kérastase.. take my word and go for it!

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The Kérastase Discipline Range is only available at Kérastase Salons in India but can be found online for the rest of us!

What are your favorites for taming frizzy hair?

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