When Disappointments Cost a Lot

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If you are a young 20-something beauty obsessed woman with a strong mind and easy access to both a disposable income and an internet connection (by no means an essential qualification), chances are you’ve either come across more than one blogger raving about the L’occitane’s Almond Shower Oil or you are already a huge fan yourself. Yes its that popular and every once in a while someone features it on their blog and atleast 10 new people go out and buy it (not statistically proven).

The point is.. its just that good and that deserving of the cult status it has now which might have been the reason why the brand decided to extend the line to include body milks and moisturisers.. good thought I’d say! So far so good, until they came out with a little dud in this otherwise spectacular line of ultimate luxury body products. I am referring to my recent splurge and the much anticipated and exciting (for me) product from the brand, The Almond Milk Veil.

Let me cut the chase right here : What I am getting at is this body milk is not even half as good as what you’d expect it to be (being L’occitane et al), and at Rs 2650 (£28, and $40!!) a pop it ought to have bloody worked!

Once you’ve used the worth-its-weight-in-gold Almond Shower Oil, you expect every other product bearing the same name to be luxuriously rich, extremely hydrating (without being greasy) and long lasting. The Almond Milk Veil is luxurious to look at yes, has micro-pearls in it (otherwise known as shimmer), is NOT creamy or hydrating, disappears in a blink and leaves behind tiny sparkles all over the skin which catch the light and make me look like I just had fairy dust showered all over me! $40 for that? No Sir!

Loccitane Almond Milk Veil Loccitane Almond Shower Gel Best Loccitane products Loccitane Almond range Loccitane Almond Shower and Body Products

There is “supposed” to be Almond milk and Shea Butter in there somewhere both of which is only discernible in the odour which is as delicious as the Almond Shower Oil. The lotion has a very thin milky texture which looks promising but does not do much in the name of moisturising the skin. I might as well wait for summer to use it again, hoping that my acutely dry limbs will be more accepting then. The only reassurance I have right now is the few hundred bucks I saved on it thanks to a promotional discount.

Meanwhile, I would highly recommend trying out the Almond Shower Oil if you haven’t already because its amazing period. And (if I may add) absolutely wonderful to use in the morning or evening or whenever your body isn’t listening to you! I am already contemplating a purchase of the 500ml giant tub-with-pump of this treat, which is a good 20% cheaper price wise. Decisions one has to make!

What I also recommend (in case you’re into rose scented things) is to try the brand’s Rose 4 Reins line of bath and body products which I’ve talked about here and which deserve more love than they get in the blogger community! Both the shower gel and body milk in this range are wonderfully hydrating, non-greasy and an absolute luxury to use!

Loccitane Rose 4 reins shower gel body lotion and hand cream review

Let me know if you’ve tried the Almond Milk veil and had a different experience? I could be expecting too much!

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