You Need This Solid Cleanser In Your Life!

Beauty Blender cleanser solid review and photos best brush cleanser soap beauty blender cleanser review

While the entire beauty world was falling head first for the beauty blender sponge, my eyes were steadily fixed on this peculiar cleanser which supposedly cleaned the sponge better than anything else! White, unassuming and basically a soap.. how good can it actually be to warrant a purchase and shelling out nearly $20!?

Well.. I am here to tell you that it is! Its is AMAZING! I have never seen my brushes so clean, squeaky and soft as new in all of the years of using good’ol Johnson’s Baby shampoo. It costs too much for a tiny bar of soap that cleans makeup brushes (just saying it aloud makes me squirm!) but you know what, it is as important to have really really clean brushes as it is to have your skin cleansed properly! After all, the grime and bacteria on your brushes are eventually going to land onto your face and cause all sort of trouble! #beautylogic

Beauty Blender cleanser solid review and photos best brush cleanser soap beauty blender cleanser review

Beauty Blender cleanser solid review and photos best brush cleanser soap beauty blender cleanser review

It comes in a round plastic case with a little plastic mesh which helps run the water out once the soap is wet after use. My usual brush cleansing method used to be A) soak the brushes for five minutes in lukewarm shampoo+water solution, B) take a drop of shampoo on the palm of my hand and wriggle the brushes in it till all the color is off. This process was the only way I could be completely satisfied that my brushes were thoroughly clean and given my fixation with “clean” this was a painfully long task!

With the Solid cleanser on the other hand I wet my brush, run a quick swipe over the cleanser then wriggle it over my palm for a few seconds and done! It takes less than 30 seconds to clean each brush and I am done with the whole thing in a blink (figuratively!) I only wish I had discovered it sooner. I spent so much time looking around for good reviews of this stuff which could give me that push. Then, with my last CultBeauty order I got a tiny sample of this (!! I am telling you.. CultBeauty is THE place!) and there was no looking back! A promptly placed order for it arrived at lightning speed and I have been in brush cleaning heaven since!

Beauty Blender cleanser solid review and photos best brush cleanser soap beauty blender cleanser review

Beauty Blender cleanser solid review and photos best brush cleanser soap beauty blender cleanser review

If you’re the kind who dread the brush cleansing chore, or too lazy but still a germaphobe, get this.. Your life will change!

I don’t think I can ever go back to my ancient brush cleansing ways after using this.. its pretty addictive and did I mention convenient for travel and a lazy girl’s dream? Yes it is!

P.S.: I bought mine at CultBeauty here.

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38 thoughts on “You Need This Solid Cleanser In Your Life!

  1. Try Dr Bronners pure castille soap. At $5 per bar its cheap and just as effective as the beauty blender soap.

  2. Oh god, I NEED this. NEED. Not want, not “maybe it would be nice”, no. NEED. I’m tired of baby shampoo and been thinking about getting a solid bar for a while, but I wanted to finish the bottle I’m using first. After seeing this I doubt I will, though.

  3. yo yo like Naty I posted a comment too on this on but i guess it didnt get sent:( I didn’t get an error though! all i said was I literally bought this last week and am in luuuvvv with it too. I was late to the party too but hey..we made it !!

    1. Ugh I hate it 🙁 I am going to switch up things here soon and do away with WordPress’s comment system! Anyway so glad you love it too Dee! I am a convert now! 🙂

  4. This is my HG brush cleanser. I can literally hear my brushes squeak against the palm of my hand when they’re clean. The bar has also lasted me forever! I have a similar review coming up–basically telling everybody they need this in their lives.

  5. Your pictures of eye brushes and eye palettes taunt me to buy some. applying eyeshadow seems so daunting to me! i dont have a lot of brushes, but i use my face wash to wash them. They come out soft n clean, and now i dont know if it because theyre used for light powder apllication(never get too gunky), or because the brushes are too dark to tell me otherwise (yikes!).

    1. You know what Farrah.. thats exactly the reason why I go for white brushes! Its impossible to tell if dark brushes are clean or not right? I just plced an order for a couple of Zoeva brushes (curiosity got better of me basically) and they are all white. I don’t have that many brushes either.. 4 MAC and most of the original Real Techniques brushes.. never felt the need to get more.. besides now that I love cleaning them.. I never need too many backups! 😉

    1. Hi Jillian! Is that right? I don’t use foundations so my brushes arent exactly caked but yes the concealer brush does get very grimey which this cleanser clears up in no time!

  6. well, I don’t know what’s with wordpress today, I retyped my comment twice and get error message… I suppose it does not like disagreeing comments! haha, so I’ll just say “nice review” 😉

    1. I got all your comments 🙂 I have no idea why it acts up like this because I receive every comment and it probably gives an error to the reader! Really sorry! and you’re right about the cleanser I completely agree! 🙂

  7. I can see you’re enthousiatic, but… for only few bucks (3 or so) I use neutral soap with the same results! then I soak the brushes sponges in a bit of antibakterial cleanser (I’m using the prohygiene one) just to make sure. I wash my beauty blender dupe with neutral soap every single day, how long would the BB solid cleanser last? not much.

  8. Nice review. Try rubbing the lathered brushes against the lid to give it a more thorough wash. I do that to mine when i wash them with my makeup store brush cleansing soap.

  9. I love this SO DANG MUCH! It’s especially great for foundation brushes/sponges that I felt weren’t properly cleaned until I got this. With how little you need for each brush. I’m convinced it’s worth the price tag as well!

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