The Big Sunday Post #1

sunday pamper post Aesop Parsley seed masque Oskia renaissance mask Kearstase discipline mask L'occitane Almond shower oil The Body shop olive body scrub tweezerman nail tools Estee lauder nail color Seche vite top coat

When you have been slack all week and not been a good blogger the only other thing to do and rescue the blog is cram everything up in one huge post and hit publish! This is exactly what I am upto here, with some bits on pamper, nail polish love, beauty jams and blog love thrown in. I have a feeling this is going to be a permanent addition to TCF (I am going to be blogging more I promise) but given how much I enjoyed putting this post together, I am definitely going to dish out a few more in succession. We’ll see.

Lets get straight to the context for the photo up there. My weeks have been pretty occupied with equal parts work and workout and while I have been enjoying both thoroughly, I have also been missing out on the good’ol pamper my body had gotten used to during my “non-working” days. To get everything looking in top shape I decided it was time for a good classic Sunday pamper and brought out all the big-guns.

While I still don’t understand the connection between beauty bloggers and candles, I found myself drawn to this Freesia smelling candle at a store in the mall. Its a gorgeous pear shaped candle with a beautiful fragrance which only says Freesia on the label (and I am not contesting that). Its lovely to burn in the bedroom in the evening, I might be getting on to something there oops!


I have been sore all week thanks to the grueling 3-times-a-week weight training (followed by hour long cardio sessions on alternate days) and my evening gym sessions do not leave me with enough time to either cool down in the shower for hours or indulge in muscle therapy soak.. meaning? feigning a straight walk while I actually limp my way up the stairs and and trying not to lift my arms above chest level for the fear of a groan which might scare fellow workers!

I love a good dry scrub to simulate all the *embarrassing* levels of cellulite I have accumulated over the years and recently I have been scrubbing all of that with The Body Shop’s Olive body scrub which is creamy at the same time and doesn’t scratch when I use it on dry limbs. Post a good rub I slather myself with the Almond Shower Oil to knock back some moisture and hydrate sans any grease. These two together work overtime to keep me from getting dry and scratchy through the daily hard water showers of the gym.


Its either a clay mask when the blackheads are having a party on top of my nose or an AHA based mask for when I am on the verge of a spot or feeling tad more sensitive. Aesop’s Parsley Seed masque (Review) is the go-to everytime all the time and it doesn’t get better than that really. The Oskia Renaissance Mask has been doing an amazing job of softening my skin, kicking back the glow and clarifying it without any dryness. I am already a big fan (review very soon!)


I think we can all agree washing your hair everyday does not go down too well! You either have disgustingly blocked drain with tonnes of hair (and very little actually left on your head) or one tangled mess of mop on the head which is crying for help. Help here comes in the form of Kerastase’s Discipline mask (Review) which is possibly the best thing to have happened for chronic frizzy hair. Irrespective of my scalp condition, I make sure I use it once a week and the effects last me almost the entire week through a few washes. This leaves my hair feeling very nourished and bouncy (and I am touching it throughout the day which needs to stop!)

sunday pamper post Aesop Parsley seed masque Oskia renaissance mask Kearstase discipline mask L'occitane Almond shower oil The Body shop olive body scrub tweezerman nail tools Estee lauder nail color Seche vite top coat


Theres something about the sun shining really bright in my face that makes me yearn for teals and blue around me! I painted my nails with Estee Lauder’s Dilettante this morning and I can tell you that this is going to be here for a while! Its a gorgeous pastel green-teal which screams summer and makes me wish for a holiday like nothing else!


I may have just finished binge reading Vivianna’s missed posts this morning and two things happened A) I have a bigger than BIG wishlist ready B) I have to get myself to write more! Her blog is my absolute favorite for years and everytime I read a few posts in succession I feel a surge in me to sit down and type away!

In A Pavilion and From Roses have been two other blogs which have been on my reading list lately. While Rebecca posts daily Lily is a weekly blogger and I find myself perching up as soon as she has a new post published. She has an impeccable taste and an absolutely flawless (and clean) approach to beauty which interests me a lot! From Roses is a must-read for me everyday for equal doses of lifestyle, beauty and inspiration and I love how Rebecca writes, no-frills, no-nonsense and just so honest!


Talking about no-frills, are you guys aware of Harriet’s channel? I somehow feel ridiculously late to this party because her makeup channel is EVERYTHING. The fact that she has the loveliest accent and the smartest skills in business makes me watch her for hours! I have already polished up her entire video repository and cannot wait for new ones! One for your Sunday beauty video list!


I have placed a few giant orders of “various” beauty things in the past week (post-lunch-slump inspired shopping anyone?) and I am going to have a busy time this week tracking deliveries. I may have exceeded my bi-monthly beauty budget by a large margin all in one week but needless to say, no-buy-for-now. The likes of Kiehl’s, Tata Harper, Sachajuan and some new Aussie brands figure on the list.. more on that soon! Also, Cultbeauty now stocks Aurelia!? Skincare Gods have finally heard my prayers much to my wallet’s dismay!

In Other Stories

I went crazy (read bouncing like a ball) when an email from Georgie Cleeve arrived earlier in the week! Oskia is currently enjoying cult-status in various circles and for good reason! I adore everything that I have tried and one of my most loved and dependable cleansers, the Renaissance Gel Cleanser (Review) has me hoarding backups. Currently lusting after the Micro Exfoliating Balm and the Nutri Active Day cream.

Hope you’re all good? Fill me up on whats new!

Have a great Sunday!

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