Makeup For March | A Good’ol Chat!

Spring makeup Chanel Les Beiges Healthy Glow No. 20 Nars Ashes to Ashes eyeshadow Dior Lip glow MAC Hush cream color base Clarins UV Plus HP sunscreen YSL cream blush Nars Smudgeproof eyeshadow base YSL Touche Eclat Dior Nude bb creme no. 3

The fact that its past mid-March and I hadn’t posted this one was actually gnawing at the back of my head and giving me sleepless nights! *drama* No really, other than the fact that I love a good chat about makeup and lipsticks, it also puts a lot of things in perspective, rotating through my makeup stash, using only what I need, not buying until something is used up, being more skin friendly etc, etc.

Although its still very cold in the Northern Hemisphere, us folks closer to the Equator are experiencing what I think has surpassed Spring. Might sound a lot of fun but trust me, its not! Waking up everyday drenched in sweat is not ideal and having to constantly check yourself for B.O. is less than perfect! (Too Much Information, apologies).

Anyway, right now I am all about fresh, glowing skin with as little makeup as possible without looking too unkempt. I have this whole “back seat of the Uber” makeup menu down which took me a month of trial and error and many a smudges on white linen! It definitely involves use of my digits mostly, with a big fluffy brush thrown in for that occasional powdering need.

SPF Ideally spf would be something to be applied while still indoors but there are always chances that I come out of the bath slap on moisturiser and forget everything else beyond that. Clarins UV Plus HP sunscreen comes in a very handy little bottle perfect for the makeup bag on the go. Off it goes on my face first before anything else hits it, including the sun! I am kind of ok with this one, but do not like the sheen it gives (which is always threatening to cross over to “oily” territory), besides I really think I should go for a mineral/physical option (sans the dreaded white cast) and do my skin a favor!

COMPLEXION I am usually off any base because blending doesn’t come naturally to me in a moving vehicle; instead I slap on some YSL Touche Eclat under the eyes or a tiny bit of Dior’s Nude bb creme (otherwise known as the no-makeup, no-brush makeup look wonder) around the center of my face for a little coverage. MAC’s Hush cream color base is still going strong and a little dab in a ‘C’ shape around the eyes and down the nose is my-kinda-glow. Easy.

Spring makeup Chanel Les Beiges Healthy Glow No. 20 Nars Ashes to Ashes eyeshadow Dior Lip glow MAC Hush cream color base Clarins UV Plus HP sunscreen YSL cream blush Nars Smudgeproof eyeshadow base YSL Touche Eclat Dior Nude bb creme no. 3

COLOR This is my favorite and non-negotiable part where I load up my cheeks and temples with a blush and randomly blend with the fingers till its barely there. Jessica’s Current Beauty Favorites post reminded me I had a couple of my own YSL blushers which were sitting ignored. These are such fantastic blushes that its a shame they are not mentioned more often (unless they have set off for infinity a.k.a discontinued?).

I have two colors, a pretty neutral pink and a bright BRIGHT orange (don’t quiz me on the numbers). I layer these together; the pink goes first across the cheeks and a touch on the temples and blended, followed by a tiny bit of the orange just on the apples which makes my cheek look very peachy pink and glowy. I really really love this combo which I’ll happily use till its absolutely essential to unearth the bronzers!

EYES & LIPS This is something I pay least attention to. For eyes if they aren’t bare and I have time to get ready in front of my dresser (instead of a shaky vehicle in the middle of traffic with the entire population in audience) I’ll go the whole way and prime my lids first with Nars Smudgeproof eyeshadow base (oily lids’ nemesis).

I think I “get” taupes now. After whats been ages of my obsession with any and everything brown and neutral, I have taken things a notch up and mixed a bit of grey green in it. I have had Nars Ashes to Ashes single eyeshadow for eons but after an initial play, shelved it never to bother again. It is basically Nars’ answer to MAC’s Satin Taupe eye shadow (or the other way around who knows?). A browny taupe color with a sheen that looks incredible with a brown or black eyeliner in the waterline. Its less purple and cool toned than I remembered which can only mean that I LOVE IT! I am pretty sure this color has made an appearance in one of Nars palettes so if you have any of those check for this color or better still swatch it next time at a counter! Its a gorgeous must-have neutral for everyday if Satin Taupe is too purple for you!

I have been having a case of atrocious chapped lips, so anything more than clear lip balm can cause a super crepey lip look in seconds! Dior Lip Glow is another story though. Color (customized, mind you) and moisturization in one, this is something which is a staple and for good reason.

There it is.. my makeup for Spring (or whatever is left of it anyway!) Let me know your makeup routine this month!

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