Oskia’s Renaissance Mask & Why I Love It

Oskia Renaissance Mask review Best of Oskia skincare best AHA mask for sensitive skin

I have an unending, insatiable appetite for all kinds of skincare products and irrespective of my already large stash stowed away under the bed and hidden behind vaults, I still find it verry hard to look away when someone mentions something *new*. It just feels rude to not pay attention.

I know for a fact that people are sick of me mentioning the Oskia Renaissance Cleansing Gel in every other post which should only mean one thing.. I LOVE IT! Therefore, getting hold of a tub of the Renaissance Mask (the brand’s more potent and better version of the cleansing gel.. like that’s even possible huh!) was the most natural thing for me to do (other than of course dedicating an entire chapter in my memoir to the brand)

Oskia Renaissance Mask review Best of Oskia skincare best AHA mask for sensitive skin

This here is a seriously weighty glass tub with an opaque plastic screw lid and currently holds the place de choix on my skincare shelf; irrespective of the fact that tub packaging is NOT where you’d want to put your skincare money on this one gets excused because its extremely thick and almost impossible to squeeze out of a tube. Making sure my fingers are clean before I dip into this is the only way I can be convinced that I didn’t just ruin this entire tub of skincare gold!

The product itself is a gorgeous peachy jelly that smells incredibly flowery and fruity (more than that and I’d be straining my vocabulary). Its a natural product, packed with Passion Fruit and Papaya enzymes to exfoliate the skin along with Lactic Acid to promote cell regeneration. This is supposed to be an anti-aging mask though I think its great for everyone. I need about a third of a teaspoon to cover my face and neck which I spread all over in quick motions. The mask turns almost instantly white if you rub it in which honestly is not an indication of any sort. Its the just characteristic of the product nothing more I think.

Its advised to be left on for 10-15 minutes and I have often (as per usual) left it on longer. It neither stings nor tingles but I can feel something thick, oily and nourishing spread over my face. Inspite of the said consistency, it washes off completely and much more easily unlike the Renaissance Cleansing Gel. I find it more gentle and less ‘redness triggering’ than say the REN Glycolactic Radiance Renewal mask or any of those new breed of masks which propose to exfoliate through the use of acids (the nice skin-friendly ones of course)

Oskia Renaissance Mask review Best of Oskia skincare best AHA mask for sensitive skin

With any skincare product (which costs as much as this) I need instant gratification and constant validation. I need to feel and see visible differences and end up with as perceptible a glow as possible! As soon as I cleanse this mask off the skin feels extremely supple and smooth to touch and the problem areas feel much more balanced. I don’t really have congested skin or large pores but after using this the blackheads seem fewer, under-the-skin-bumps a.k.a milia are less obvious and the skin feels visibly renewed. It has never caused my uber sensitive skin to react badly or even show signs of reddening post usage. The best part is that the effects last me nearly four days of constant commute through the city and air conditioning wreckage.

Have you ever yearned for a product which did it all? I have! Cleanse, exfoliation, nourishment, radiance and hydration.. this packs it all and some more. I have only been using this mask for over a month and feel sorry for that stash of clay masks which were very dear not too long ago! As you can probably tell, in a month’s use I have hardly made a dent which makes it slightly easy on the wallet. Its definitely a thing for skincare enthusiasts who have a beauty wishlist tagged with every pay check. Its not a must have if you are not prone to sensitivity or find clay masks more up your street!

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