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While nothing beats an agenda-less, no pressure, perpetually-on-holiday kinda lifestyle, for those less fortunate its a struggle to find “fun” in things which couldn’t be further from it. I wish I had some sort of super power to swish through my days and find myself at the top of my To-Do list each time but, what would life be without the little rocks it throws our way?

Its been a while! I thought I’ll give you an update on whats going on on my side of the world and what I’ve been up to (if that would interest anyone?). I have been feeling lost around my own blog and have been finding it increasingly hard to be inspired to write. The lull has been growing over me like a shadow and this last week I hit bottom. Words have stopped coming easily, I always have an excuse ready for not logging into the blog, the sun is always too bright for blog photos and I am mostly too tired to even think about new ideas. Fatigue at its finest.

I don’t have one valid reason for not keeping up with my schedule but all I can say in my defense is that I have been concentrating on “other” things while hoping you’ll stick around while I was gone!

Work | For once in my life I have a job which I thoroughly enjoy, look forward to each morning and feel genuinely excited about what I am developing. I still work in the software industry and I am still a developer but I have a lot of independence and control over what I want to do and how I want to do it. The technology I work with is new and challenging which adds to the thrill and for once I have no one looming over my head making me waste time on bureaucratic processes or come up with reasons for every time I get in late. I am my own boss in more ways than one. The only downside to this is that I don’t get paid as much as I used (not by much) but thats a small price to pay for the joy of working and actually being interested in my career, I think.

Life | Travel to work has been eating up a lot of my time which is why we were on a hunt for a place to live closer to my workplace. I love my house where I live right now and the thought of leaving it behind always brings a pang! We found a few apartments in the center of the city, very posh, very nice but the size is always a deterrent. I wish I could transport my current house to some other location! We have been house hunting on weekends which leaves me with even less time to devote to the blog. Hopefully that wouldn’t last long and I’d be back to my Saturday morning blogging sessions!

Health | I have been on a health kick for a good six months now but it wasn’t as intense and invigorating as it has been for the past two months. I have tangible changes in my body and a definite growth in my endurance and stamina. I can workout for an hour and half with much more ease than I could previously imagine. I workout/weight-train for five days a week now and while I am lifeless at the end of it I feel much much stronger and active for the entire next day. I have a weaker torso compared to my legs and that’s a real pain during weight training. I have been doing body-weight exercises and Pilates to strengthen it and hopefully also tone in the process. Its a long road from here but I am hoping perseverance will get me there!

Eat | I have eliminated refined sugar from my diet (morning coffee not counted). It took me almost three weeks to not crave for breads, juices and chocolates but I have done it now. A once in a while ice cream sundae or a thin slice of apple pie still happens but its getting increasingly rare. This has also helped with my skin which at any other time would be freaking out with the sun shining so bright! My meals are more planned now with breakfast being the biggest and dinner the smallest. I have been loading up on egg whites along with a handful of nuts for breakfast and my hair seems to be particularly enjoying the treat!

Beauty | I am the same old me and have been keeping things to a minimum when it comes to my skin, hair and body. Gym ‘un’-hygiene and everyday hair washing can otherwise spell disaster for me but so far I have managed to avoid any major aberrations. I make sure I wipe off any trace of makeup before I start my workout and always wash and moisturize post session. I keep a small bottle of Bioderma at hand which also helps me avoid face wipes (and save me some extra damage). This post by Ms Hirons was particularly useful and I highly encourage bookmarking it for future reference. I avoid shampooing everyday but make sure I rinse my hair thoroughly and condition it daily to keep the frizz in check. This has helped my mane a lot and in fact I hardly feel any deterioration at all.

Makeup | I have been wearing eyeshadow EVERYDAY! I have no idea how I went so long without it but now I am addicted. Not that I go crazy colorwise (that will have to wait a bit longer) but my neutrals are getting a fair bit of exercise he! I was lucky (and overjoyed!) to get gifted some new makeup recently, particularly the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blush in Diffused Heat, which is unequivocally the best blush formula and color EVER! [Thanks Pav for being an absolute sweetheart!] This has rekindled my love for Hourglass and I have been air-brushing myself with the powders on a daily basis!

Blog | I will soon be hitting the “1 Year” mark for TCF. My baby is going to be 1! Oh how exciting! One year down and it feels like yesterday. April 17th is when my first post went up and its been a joy ride since! I want to tell you all how much I value each one of you and remember you and enjoy talking to you. This was never a place to just collect my thoughts, this was always a means to connect with people and get to know who else out there loves what I love! (Expect a more emotional post on the topic soon!) I am seriously lagging behind in planning and arranging for something special to mark the occasion but will definitely have some surprises in store for you.

What have you been upto? Fill me up!

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