Allergies, Flu and Citrus-y Skincare

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As I write this I am tucked away in layers of quilt with a hot cup of tea and a pack of tissues trying to make sense of this abominable state of my ENT. Yes I am sick, inspite of all my efforts to keep myself protected and distanced from all pollens and allergens currently inhabiting the air around me, aaand knowing pretty well that ice cream from a street vendor almost never goes down well, I still ate one (in a moment of weakness.. ) on a rainy night.. and here I am sniffing my way through the typing!

Flu and allergies completely rule out makeup for me! I don’t care about not wearing an eyeliner or evening out my skin and looking dead as a result but thats how it has to be! I just find makeup or in fact anything more than a lip balm very uncomfortable during this time. What I do care about is how my skin is feeling and give it some extra nourishment which soothes it and makes it slightly happier in these trying times!

Other than loading up on oranges and Vitamin C and B12 supplements for the insides I have come to realise that my skin has real affinity for Vitamin C based skincare products. Something that smells fresh and fruity feels very refreshing, uplifting and rejuvenating which on normal days I wouldn’t care to notice. I bring out all the gorgeous smelling products in my stash, pour some warm water and get down to my routine!

My cleanser of choice (with or without any flu) is Tata Harper’s Refreshing Cleanser. This feels sooooo good on the skin. The smell is reminiscent of pure oranges being rubbed on the face, lush, citrusy and very very fresh. While most of my redness and blotchiness is subdued by anti-allergy medicines, this cleanser really lifts all kind of sickness off my face! Its all in theory and mostly in my head but it just makes me feel so good its hard to pen down! It’s certified organic, non-foaming, made of natural fruit extracts, expensive, pomegranate enzymes for deep cleansing, Willow bark for Salicylic Acid, expensive, Aloe Vera, Grapefruit and Bergamot for antiseptic and anti bacterial properties.. bloody expensive! The texture is very similar to the REN Clear Calm Clay Cleanser but thinner and softer and more lush. The operative words here are lush, expensive and amazing.

The second step in the morning usually is to slap on some more Vitamin C (more is less here!) The REN Radiance Perfection Serum is another fresh fresh citrus smelling thin serum which comes packed with Vitamin C and Hyaluronic Acid which in layman terms is super good for dry dehydrated allergy infested skin! I don’t use it all the time so its hard to tell if there is or is not an improvement but my skin does feel a whole lot more even toned and clear every time I have it on. I always make up my mind to use it more regularly but my love for facial oils is just so much bigger!

Talking of which, the Clarins Blue Orchid Facial Oil for dry-dehydrated skin is God-sent! I have actually been slapping this on for the past 3 nights and I wake up with a less swollen face than is expected with a flu on. Its very aromatic which sort of helps to unblock my nose and also sooth all those patches of dryness around the eyes, mouth and nose. Its much thicker than the Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Concentrate and takes more effort to massage into the skin and few extra (thirty) seconds to absorb but its worth it! I cannot see myself using it as an every-night treatment, thats asking too much but as a twice a week thing? Sure!

If I am feeling extra enthusiastic (like tonight) I might indulge in a face mask but nothing too strong or drying. The Pai Copaiba Deep Cleanse AHA mask fits my requirement exactly such that its a clay mask but not intense, not drying, very soothing but still very effective! How do they do it? The best part: this mask is now part of the permanent range (Hurray!) and can be found here. This helps clean up blackheads and whiteheads without actually feeling like much on the skin.. Brilliant! I’d highly recommend this one to sensitive skin ladies who stay clear of clay based products. This one might force you to change your mind!

Other than the obvious side effects of falling ill the good part was that I missed work Monday and Tuesday! No Monday blues or gym treads! I Read through my backlog of blogs, watched videos, read a book, ate good hearty meals and now I think I want to paint my nails!

Tomorrow I should be back up on my feet and back to work. Anti-biotics work and work fast, sadly.

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