The Big Sunday Post #2

Spring Skincare, Tata Harper Refreshing cleanser, Kiehl's Midnight recovery concentrate, Caudalie Beauty elixir, Pai echium and argan eye cream, Kiehl's Ultra facial cream intense hydration, La Roche-Posay Anthelios XL ultra light sunscreen

I just cleaned up (read 1 hour long shower/scrub/mask/hair-mask.. the whole sketch) after a high intensity workout, and its one of the things that just makes my Sunday SO good! not the exercise part.. NO!, but the part about the clean-up/pamper… its a lot of fun!

The weather here is having a hard time making up its mind, so its really really hot in the day and rains.. no pours at night.. it pours! This is so bad when you have a lot of laundry to do at the end of the day besides I always get wet coming back from the gym.

I hate it!

Talking about the gym, I am going on a “diet” from tomorrow which is very exciting. Before you raise that brow let me tell you that it involves a LOT of eating (contrary to popular belief), every hour, then two hours and is very high on protein. I actually fell ill last week and couldn’t work out so my trainer/nutritionist figured its because I didn’t have enough protein in my diet (in fact very very little.. and I thought I was snacking on eggs!) so the whole eating routine has been revamped and made very strict. On paper the diet “looks” impossible to commit to but only time will tell how much we can or cannot do! *fingers crossed*. We have a cute little couple’s diet (its not little AT ALL) so both of us can eat the same thing with different quantities. My husband is out buying grocery as we speak!

In other news, I am really really pleased with my skincare routine right now! Not that I didn’t like it before but I changed a few things keeping the weather in mind and everything seems to fit like a glove! I don’t have to worry about redness/zits anymore, even the hormonal kind which I am sure you realize is BIG news! I think as always the key here is “less is more“; I keep it simple don’t use too many things at the same time, let my skin breathe and keep it clean and hydrated. The only thing that has come back to haunt me is blackheads (thanks to the heat and pollution) but I have been using a couple of new masks this week and they have seriously worked wonders! More on that in another post!

Zoeva luxe face brushes Zoeva luxe eye brushes Zoeva 234, smokey shader, 221 Soft crease, 231 Petite crease, 126 cheek finish, 101, Face Definer, 105 luxe highlight brush

In other news, I got some more of the seriously good purchase – a.k.a Zoeva brushes in another super seriously good purchase! I bought the Luxe Collection and I probably have all of the brushes now? There are some new favorites which you can see in their untarnished/brand-new glory! The one I was most (pleasantly) surprised with is the 101 Face Definer. I have never been quite satisfied with any of my powder brushes, always left wanting for more but this one might have just filled that void. Its really long and very fluffy and blends powder quite nicely!

I was always on the fence about the Cheek Finish and Highlighter brushes, (mixed reviews everywhere does that to you! ) but since they were part of the set I thought.. why not? I haven’t used them yet but from what I have “felt” they are pretty good; so much softer than anything ever.. I am expecting greatness!

The other day, I officially crossed over to the “grown-up territory” and bought some SK-II stuff *gulp*. I absolutely DID NOT need anything, but a Luxola gift card was burning a hole in my wallet and I thought if I have to use it I might as well make it count! I also told myself “its for Mum” but you know how that goes.. if its grrrreat it stays with me and Mum gets her own new bottle ha! I got the Facial Treatment Essence and a 6 piece set of the Facial Masks sheets. I have heard nearly every sane-person/blogger/celebrity rave about it and enough was enough! I just had to try it out for myself and with the purchase of the Essence the masks were almost free! any excuse…… will do here! I am a self-proclaimed skincare junkie, what else would I do!

I had a pretty good blogging week thus far (by my standards obviously) and I hope to carry it forward! I don’t have any revolutionary posts planned, just the usual stuff which you guys seem to enjoy a lot!

Hope you’re having a great Sunday!

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