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Nars Cruella velvet matte lip pencil review and swatches

No your eyes aren’t tricking you – I am wearing a red lipstick! I am really envious of people who rock red lipsticks everyday or even frequent enough.. but me? I am NOT a bold-lip-girl and never have been! If you shuffle through the archives on TCF you’ll know my reservations for this otherwise beautiful rouge and how I always chicken out of wearing one even if the occasion DEMANDS it! FYI, I wore a pink for my own wedding and made sure my outfit did not need a red lipstick. Just. Imagine.

I did briefly find a great red, almost a brick-brown red not too long ago, and although I still love it I cannot help but feel a bit grown up (way more than my age and liking) when I wear it. Its a good look when you want yourself to be taken seriously or when its really cold outside, but for springy flirty occasions I am yet to settle down for an option which looks good and stays put.

Enter, Nars Cruella Velvet Matte Lip Pencil

My red-lipstick criteria is simple; should be long-wearing, should be opaque, should fade gracefully, should not mess around with “my age”, should keep my lips in good condition and look like a million bucks! see, simple. Thankfully Cruella seems to tick all the right boxes and has now officially found its rightful place in my top makeup favorites! I wore it this weekend for the day (!!) and braved it through a movie, shopping followed by dinner and it stayed put! Not in all of its glory of course.. nothing survives a burger (in my humble opinion) but it was there and I loved it!

Nars Cruella velvet matte lip pencil review and swatches

Cruella is a pink tinged deep red (not so much in the first picture above) and being matte and extremely pigmented, it covers any discoloration on my lips and I can get a full-on bold deep red lip. For me a red lip is the only accessory I’d wear when I have it on. All you need is a flawless base (most definitely), cover all the redness and just go for it! For the said occasion I concealed around my nose (a MUST for me) around the mouth and under the eyes and loaded up on Hourglass’s Radiant Light all over! a pinch of Frat Boy blush on the cheeks and two layers of Cruella.

The best and the most pleasant discovery was the fact that inspite of such a hard-core matte formula the Nars lip pencil did not ruin my lips or make them chapped. I wasn’t expecting it to fade as beautifully as it did and left a pretty stain on the lips even after hours of disappearing.

As you can probably tell this is tiny version of the regular Nars pencil which I think needs to be purchased on priority basis! Having recently found my entry into the Nars-lip-pencil-fan-club I am dying to swatch every color they do and also of course own a few!

Have you tried Cruella? Which is your favorite Nars pencil?

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