Me, My Blog & My Space 1 Year Later

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My blog, this one here, turned a year old a couple of weeks back! I should have ideally put up this post on the day but I didn’t because I am lazy. I just couldn’t come around to what I wanted to say and how I wanted to say it, so I waited for the time it all came to me, during sleep or in the middle of dinner. Thats how it works; the most awkward of times, when you’re trying to sleep or working your way through a “healthy” dinner you are so NOT interested in, you’ll get the best ideas and the best stream of thoughts and sentences which if not penned down immediately just vanish! The misery!

So here I am writing this at a sane hour actually when my mind is fueled and working at top speed and I am typing away! I wasn’t sure where I was going to go with this post but in the end I decided I’ll keep it personal (like everything else on this blog!) and just go with the flow.

It might come as a surprise to some but other than being aware of the existence of a sunscreen/sunblock and moisturiser I knew nothing about beauty/skincare/makeup till 2012. All of that changed when I found myself in Korea surrounded by streets full of Korean makeup and skincare stores. I was hooked. I returned with a suitcase (or two) full of stuff for everyone I knew. I had jumped head-first into the world of beauty and there was no looking back. Then came MAC for a good year till I moved abroad again and then everything else is a blur! One sunny day in April last year I decided I had to have an outlet for my craziness and I started this blog. Its been fun I tell you!

I was pretty much clueless about the modalities of running a blog so, I explored, browsed, read more blogs, discovered Bloglovin’, discovered commenting on other blogs (yeah I have been a silent reader to many many blogs, still am!). This brought people over to mine and my traffic went up. Bloggers turned out to be less of “snooty” and more of real-sweet-good-genuine-folks who were supportive and nice to a newbie! More engagement led to more traffic, more mentions on other blogs and more friendships!

I have had the same camera since the beginning of the blog and since before that, but if you look through my archives you’d see a stark contrast between pictures over the months. I learnt quickly though, through blogs and through playing around with my tool. I hopped through the house looking for spots with good natural lighting to take pictures; stood and bent in awkward positions trying to click a decent picture! I understood the importance of a white sheet of paper and the miracles it can do for your blog photos! Playing around with sunlight at different times of the day can be a very “sweaty” affair but once I nailed that I could schedule my day better!

My biggest inspiration for posts comes from engaging with my readers. I know it sounds strange, but I listen to my readers, what they like, what they want me to do and I try to do that. Surprisingly, it doesn’t affect my creativity which is probably due to the fact that my blog has attracted a lot of like-minded people. They are a lot like me, they like the same things, enjoy the same kind of humor and the same kind of content which makes life really easy for me as a blogger. I have always imagined this place as a small community in itself where I can be myself with my flaws and quirks and be liked for it!

My style of writing is never the same. If I read a book or watch a show it affects my mood and when I write a blog-post it reflects that. I usually never write at the night when I am tired or about to sleep because I am at my boring best then! For me evening works and so does a weekend morning. I have experimented a lot with my posts. From short one-paragraph, to lists, to long endless rambles, I have done it all. Now, I won’t pick a favorite, there is an audience for everything but I personally find the rambles very satisfying *alert*. My mum always proof reads my posts, although a couple of hours after its gone up and she ALWAYS finds some or the other mistake and saves my day! Mums! <3

I have been lucky to have stumbled upon a blog theme with large pictures and readable fonts because honestly I might have struggled with that if it hadn’t been all pre-set! The day I started justifying the entire text to fit the size of the image is the day my blog posts started looking readable to me. I find it much much more harmonious for the eyes when everything just flows and there are as little breaks as possible. picture-text-picture-text just makes my eyes hurt so I go for more of the picture-picture-text-text—- kind of thing. I am just picky like that!

My confidence as a blogger has grown tremendously. I care much less about the numbers now than I used to and I have come to accept my “growth” as a blogger as it is. I don’t need approvals from people that I am doing well or I am doing badly, I feel I am a judge of my own skills better than anyone else. I might seem complacent to some and very unprofessional, but the truth is this is not my profession and I don’t see it becoming one any time soon. When something gets forced down my throat (please don’t get visions) and becomes a “job”, I suck at it and cannot function! I have changed jobs in the past because I don’t take rules very well. I am a free spirit and anybody/anything threatening that just turns my not-so-good side on. No Kidding! and I are now best buddies! I sometimes get so bored of reading my first draft, repetitive words etc that I just bang-shut my laptop and go to sleep! The next day, armed with my virtual thesaurus I give that post a re-run and replace phrases and words with something fresh and new. I am no grammar police, and neither am I the most proficient-in-English-language person out there but I know what boredom reads like and I am never doing that! I am currently hating the word “obsessed” which has been used and abused left-right-and-center by every talking youtube-r/blogger out there!

Too much emphasis on the appearance of a blog sometimes seems unnecessary to me. Especially when that blog has nothing in the name of content, just repackaged material from other blogs and no originality. I find it silly when people make it look like you need to have a pretty looking blog to attract more readers. When I was just a blog follower/reader I didn’t even notice what a blog looked like! I just read the content and if it was amusing, funny, interesting and useful I’d love it and keep coming back for more! I do not mean one has to be funny all the time but one sure has to have something new on the plate, something different and original to offer. A great blog design can only do so much because then its going to end up looking like the other ten blogs that just got ignored! I think a simple harmonious design is what I look for myself, and focus on the content and engagement more.

I think this brings us to the end of my ramble! If you have any questions for me, or you’d like to know something more about me, please just ask!

I’ll see you on the other side of Sunday, beauty posts shall resume as per usual. Have a good one!

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