Bottles In My Bath!

L'occitane rose shower gel, L'occitane Cherry Blossom shower gel, Dr. Bonner's Peppermint soap, Original Source Lavender and tea tree shower gel

There are three things about this post that you need to know: a) I was completely out of ideas for a new post b) I was “feeling” my bathroom and its contents, meaning, really happy with everything in there; like one of those face-masks-experiments-gone-right days! and c) I struggled with the title! Just couldn’t get my act together and give this post a catchier nicer title. Other than that, like I said everything here is really making me happy and working for me so I thought “write a post!” and here we are.

L'occitane Shea butter soap lavender, The body shop olive body scrub Lush Rub rub rub body scrub


Before I begin, apologies for not including the actual bathroom pictures here. That is because my bathroom does not get much light except early in the morning and I don’t have fancy lighting system for photography so I couldn’t manage a decent picture of any of the four corners in there. This was the last time I attempted one and things look pretty cloudy so I thought I’ll bring my bath outside in the sun (actually!) and click away. End of disclaimer.

I clearly like to have options! In this case both the L’occitane Shower Gels are pretty old and pretty much over and still hanging in there. I am on a mission to finish these off and bin the empties. That feeling of throwing away a shopping bag full of empty bottles all at once just never gets old for me! I only recently realised that SLS is one of the prime ingredients in these which has definitely put me off (how did I not see that before?) so I won’t be repurchasing these again. I don’t think these are revolutionary anyway, its just the fragrance that I love but for that I think I can find something better if I go the natural way?

The one thing I am sort of hooked on though is mixing a few drops of the Dr. Bonner’s Peppermint liquid soap with whatever other shower gel I have at hand. It is especially invigorating right after a workout and really helps my body and muscles feel ONE again! Originally bought for cleansing makeup brushes (like that was the best this magical thing could do.. it does a LOT more!) but now that I have found the Solid Cleanser for the brushes I have been using this liquid soap for myself and love it. I am currently eyeing the lavender version of this because I love all things lavender for my bath! Dr. Bonner’s being natural and organic also feels good for the conscience so I can look into more variants of these without a hint of guilt!

Speaking of lavender, the Original Source Lavender Shower Gel was a HUGE let down! I have used the mint and tea tree version before and it was pretty good and had the most fabulous minty feel and smell but this one is so so so faint. It stops smelling of lavender from the moment I pour it on a loofah or my palm which you can agree is just not done! On the other hand, a lavender lovely that I have repurchased countless times (or lost the last count) is the L’occitane Shea Butter Soap in the lavender fragrance. This is just great; moisturising, non-greasy and very softening. If the brand ever decided to discontinue these I am going to have a week of mourning.

I have been rationing this last tub of my favorite Lush’s Rub Rub Rub scrub! I am waiting to go abroad and stock up on these but if you know of an alternative (which I don’t really think is possible) then please let me know! Its especially wonderful for a hot summer evening and just hands me back the smoothest softest skin ever! Love it! The Body Shop’s Olive body scrub is very very different from the Lush but good in its on way. Its creamier and more grainy which means the exfoliating particles can clog my bathroom sink which I hate. I have been spoilt by Rub Rub.. so nothing else can please me!

things in my bathroom, body lotion body butter L'occitane rose body lotion Kiehl's creme de corps lotion Done nourishing body lotion The body shop's olive body butter

I am really really liking the lightweight lotion from Kiehl’s. Its part of their popular Creme de Corps line but doesn’t have any of the thickness but has the über nourishment of the original. A more summer friendly version of the same, this is working well is all I can say! I have chronically dry limbs nearly all year around so I need something heavy duty but “smart” which is nourishing but not super greasy. The body shop’s Olive body butter is reserved for times after a body scrub to add extra moisture back to the body. Its nice, its ok and its pretty good at hydrating but the smell is kind of ordinary.

things in the bathroom hair products Kerastase Discipline shampoo Kerastase Resistance shampoo Kiehl's Magic Elixir Keratsase Discipline hair masque

things in the bathroom conditioners Original and Mineral Hydrate and Conquer conditioner Done Intense repair conditioner OGX Macademia oil hydrating conditioner


Kiehl’s Magic Elixir is a blend of natural oils (rosemary, avocado, safflower) and some more of the “good stuff” (please never quote me!) and just works for my scalp. Kiehl’s are not a natural brand so one can expect this to be loaded with other sort of chemicals, hopefully not the bad kind. Kiehl’s also chooses NOT to disclose the ingredient list much like Clarins which leaves me incapable of supplying other necessary information about this to you. What I can tell you is, I used to be the girl with itchy, scaly scalp and frizzy hair and this FIXED it. This and of course Kerastase. A must have/try in my opinion!

No, my love for Kerastase isn’t dying just yet! I have always said and will say it again, this brand has changed my life! I have loved pretty much everything I have tried. The Discipline range is among the newly released but it has already earned top spot for me! It cleanses my hair really well without compromising on frizz-control and my hair stays clean longer as well. I am dying to get my hands on the conditioner from the range because I am guessing its going to be as amazing.

While that discovery is made, I am trying to find the perfect conditioner for my dry ends. So, what has happened is that my hair has grown longer than the healthy limit, or the length upto which products work and beyond which you need to find some miracle worker to keep it looking good and avoid snipping it regularly! Down to somewhere my mid-back, a shampoo and any normal conditioner works but the section of hair near the ends just gets dried up very easily and also some sections near the back of my neck. I mentioned my new found love for the Original and Mineral Frizzy Logic recently which is superb but only as a leave in product. I always believe that proper nourishment comes “during” the shower rather than “post”, so a good hydrating conditioner is a must and a constant quest for me, because products just decide to stop working for me unannounced! It goes like this; I’ll find an amazing conditioner which lasts, very amusingly, exactly for two months and then I am put back on the track to hunt for another one! Its frustrating as you can tell and involves hours of sifting through online reviews and spending money on experiments. (phew)

To cut the chase, I have three on rotation, the Original and Mineral Hydrate and Conquer which is good but the verdict is still out on this one; The Organix Macademia Oil Conditioner, seems to be working, and the Dove Intense Repair, which I think has been reformulated and just DOES NOT work for me anymore. sigh. Its hard to be loyal to one conditioner in such times.

Face cleansers for sensitive skin Tata Harper Refreshing Cleanser Pai Kukui and Jojoba skin brightening exfoliator Clarins Pure Melt Cleansing Gel Clarins instant eye makeup remover Nars makeup cleansing oil


Hang in there we are approaching the end of this one! I know I know its just gotten really long and out of hand but I have issues and I have favorites; need to address it right? You have probably guessed that I am in love with the Tata Harper Refreshing Cleanser given the number of times I have sneakily added it into every post I could! I currently have every other kind of cleanser that the brand does on my wishlist; so yeah the damage is done!

I recently discovered this new tube of Clarins Pure Melt Cleansing Gel in the depths of my skincare stash! The seal wasn’t even broken; I am crazy I know! This though isn’t something to be crazy about, its very meh. Doesn’t do much in the name of cleansing or hydrating or anything and I really don’t see the point of this. Would not recommend at all. What I would recommend though is the Clarins Instant Eye Makeup Remover. Now this is what a good eye makeup remover looks like! If you can look past the slight oily film this bi-phase remover leaves then you will be able to appreciate its outstanding abilities to remove every kind of waterproof eye makeup without as much as a tingle in the eyes! I have a few travel sized bottles but I have used a full size in the past and will definitely repurchase once I am through the tinies.

My Nars Makeup Cleansing Oil (now discontinued) was such a good one and I am so sad to see it go. I have had it for a couple of years and it was SO SO good I reserved it for the heavy makeup days (which rarely happen!). Then I figured its probably past its prime so I should rather use it up but oh did I love it! I wish I wish someone knocks some sense into Nars and they bring this back! The bottle is really slim and handy and has a great pump so I am definitely re-purposing it (or should I?)

The Pai Kukui and Jojoba Brightening Exfoliator didn’t impress me the first few times I used it and was pretty much labelled a ‘Fail’. Then recently I tried using it on damp/dry skin and it seemed to be good so I made it a point to use it up. Pai is a natural brand so the shelf life of their products isn’t long. I think its great for super-sensitive skin but in my case even though my skin can be categorized as such, my nose is in a different world! Its very blackhead prone and can easily get clogged so I need a strong exfoliator (preferably something physical and gritty to get in there!). The Pai exfoliator isn’t the best thing for that so I am left wanting for more. Otherwise a great product with no harsh ‘exfoliators’ but Jojoba beads which are gentle on the skin and exfoliate in a very non-abrasive way.

Please don’t kill me for this long ramble!

Have a Great Week everyone!

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