Things I’ll Never Be Without

Things I'll never be without Oskia Renaissance Cleansing Gel Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair La Roche Posay Toleriane Fluide Nuxe Reve de miel Pai Echium and Argan Eye Cream Dior Nude BB Creme Dior nail color Grege Tweezerman mini slant tweezers Seche Vite Fast dry top coat Chanel Le blush creme Destiny Dior Lip Glow L'occitane shea butter hand cream

I am surprised this post didn’t make an appearance earlier because most of the products here have been a favorite for what feels like forever. And, when I say I cannot “live without them” I mean every word! Don’t judge me, I know its just beauty products except they are not “just” beauty products, they are life savers on seriously bad skin days and days when I cannot wear makeup to save my life. Having these around is reassuring in the strangest way, like I have things I can fall back upon if nothing else works! You know?

Most of these would not come as a surprise to you. You can find me going on ‘n’ on about these multiple times in the past, but it never hurts to praise and re-praise something you love to the moon and back! Inspite of my fickle ways, when I find something that works and works like no other, I know its a keeper and I DO NOT stray; repurchase after another till its either discontinued or no longer sold in my territory; a scenario I have faced one too many times! hhmmpppff!

Getting on with the subject I think I’ll start with skincare. First things first, cleansing my skin is something I do not skip whatever be on the line! I usually like to keep things simple so its important for me to have a cleanser which does a bit of everything from cleansing, hydrating, exfoliating all of that while still being super gentle. Oskia’s Renaissance Cleansing Gel is EXACTLY that and more (you did see that coming right?). The added advantage lies in its texture which is oily and thick and allows me to massage it on my face for as long as I want and grant an added “spa” experience to a mundane evening skincare routine. It doesn’t come cheap but its an expense I’d make with my eyes closed!

I would normally not depend on a serum for my skin’s wellbeing and most of all not a “sillicone-y” controversial number, but there is something about the Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair which makes me go back to it in times of crises! Again, it just works! Its not an oil which is usually my preferred way of treating my skin, but its a “very nice” serum which goes on thick and absorbs quickly. It works its “magic” (so much “fiction” in this review!) overnight and the next morning I have a clearer more even complexion than the one I went to bed with. It helps keep my skin from acting up when there is a change in environment and also works like a gentle spot healer if I happen to have any. I am sure there is something better out there waiting for me to find it but till that happens ANR has my back!

I am an eye-cream-person meaning, I believe that everyone needs to pay extra attention to their eye area and treat it to a gentle yet effective treatment formulated especially for the delicate eye area. I haven’t experimented with too many formulas because I luckily found this wonderful natural formulation from Pai very early on and haven’t strayed since! I don’t have a specific issue with my eye area like dark circles, or bags so this one only works for hydrating and plumping the area and keeping wrinkles at bay in the long run. I have reviewed it previously here.

For my moistuirser I believe in going the fuss-free, no-frills way which the Toleriane Fluide moisturiser epitomizes! I have gone through countless bottles of this and it is something I always have on my dresser no matter what other products I am using. Thankfully, they haven’t yet decided to discontinue or stop selling it in India which otherwise would be a very dark moment! Another French pharmacy find which half the world (or may be more) loves is the Nuxe’s Reve de Miel lip balm. A bloggers’, makeup artists’, models’ favorite, this magic worker changed my lips and so my life! I was once struggling with perpetually dry, sore lips which irrespective of the weather would peel, cut, bleed etc. Ever since I found this balm (to end all balm quests) about four years back, I am yet to face a bad-lip day! Its thick but it can be blended easily and worn under lipstick if one fancies. I love it and will never ever be without it!

Now to the more fancy part, Makeup. If my skin is behaving itself, looking decent and not breaking out on me I always choose to skip applying any makeup or at least too much of it. Nevertheless, I have been lucky enough to find some makeup products that allow me to look great without stepping out of my ‘comfort zone’. Case in point, Dior’s Nude BB Creme and Lip Glow. These two have been in my stash for VERY long and I still cannot get enough of them. I am far from bored is what I am saying! If you’re like me and have yet to open up to the idea of wearing foundations then this BB cream was made for you! Its super emollient like a moisturiser with a good amount of tint which luckily matches me pretty well (I wear shade 3) and becomes undetectable once blended in. This also happens to be my travel companion and I always only carry this with me and end up not even needing a concealer as this covers pretty much everything that needs covering!

On a similar scale the Dior Addict Lip Glow is an effortless bespoke pink lip-color-balm in a fancy looking tube. Now, this one is a little debatable because it costs an arm and a leg but I am so ‘addicted’ to it that I hardly need justifying a purchase anymore. A very expensive lip balm with a tint is what this is but to me completely worth, the eye watering price.. somehow.. don’t ask!

I am BIG on blushes. I LOVE blushes, bronzers.. just any kind of color on the cheeks (probably because I have a lot of space in that area?). While I prefer powder formulas and a good blush brush, there is no denying that a cream blush is much more easy to wear, not requiring extra tools and hard to go over board with. My perfect blush was found when I stumbled upon Chanel’s Destiny Cream Blush which I have mentioned so many times that I can just say the word “blush” and you’d know I am talking about this one! You can check out a more detailed ode to this here.

I am always really conscious about my hands and nails, having the worst kind of dry hands imaginable which are always cracking and splitting on me. Hand creams are woes of exponential order and I am yet to find the “One” that ends the misery. Although, one that comes close (or the closest that I’ve found) is the L’occitane Shea Butter Hand Cream. I finished a big tube of this not too long ago and all attempts to replace it with something “better” have failed so far! I am probably getting another full sized tube of this again since I know no better!

When it comes to nails my favorite nail color EVER is Dior’s Grège. I did a roundup of all my favorite nude nail polishes last summer here, but this one is a standout and the best kind of nude on my complexion. Dior nail colors are among the most long-wearing and non-chipping formulations I have tried and I would buy every color they do in a heartbeat if I could!

Some new favorites that I have discovered recently include the very popular Seche Vite Fast Dry Top Coat and this cute little Tweezerman mini slant tweezers. Now these aren’t the most significant things on one’s vanity but you cannot deny them their importance. The value of a good pair of tweezers can only be appreciated when you’ve had to work with bad ones in a dimly lit room! These are worth every bit of love they get and I don’t think I am ever using anything else till they keep making these. Just the right grip and the perfect sharpness which also means I don’t accidentally pinch my skin and bruise the area.

I think with the Seche top coat the things that sets it apart is the brush which feels more flexible and wider than may be the one I have tried from Sally Hansen. The formula of both is pretty good but I just prefer this one to that.

What else have I missed? Umm to think of it, if I had to add something to this list it would be L’occitane’s Shea Butter Soap, the Wet Brush and Lush’s Rub Rub Rub scrub! Those three are very addictive and I will have a hard time replacing them!

Now I can just dump of all of this in a makeup bag and live the rest of my life feeling very content!

What are your absolute favorites?

P.S: Surprise post for you on a Monday! I am trying to ease myself back in a Mon-Wed-Fri-Sun schedule like I used to when I started blogging! Hopefully you’ll like it too! x

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