The Big Sunday Post #4

summer beauty favorites may beauty favorites iphone6 Tarte Tipsy GHD straighteners Kerastase Supergoop sunscreen day cream MAC Brow pencil Stud Becca Shimmering Skin perfector Moonstone clinique chubby stick balm intense curviest caramel clinique universal super primer Nars Radiant Creamy concealer ginger

This last week has been life changing! It was the week I finally got a hang of my two beauty nemesis, hair styling and brows! If you’ve been reading my blog for a while then you probably know that if there are two things I NEVER do its my brows and my hair! I just let them do their thing and not really “interfere” for fear of making a huge mess. Well! thats all in the past now, I am officially a grown up who has good looking hair and brows!

My Classic GHD Styler was something I almost had to fight to get! Its a story for another time but whats amusing is that I hardly ever used it afterwards! Its been around for a couple of years and except for birthdays I am too much of a chicken to ever run them through my tresses. Never too sure about how “protected” my hair is (subsequently dousing it in too much and too many hair products) the end result has never been pretty! Up until last Sunday when I had a epiphany that life is too short to have ANY bad hair days and went straight looking for my tools; found a bottle of (unopened, may I add) Kérastase’s Nectar Thermique heat protectant along with my ghd’s and got to work!

A big blob of the potion run through dry hair might initially feel sticky but gets absorbed the next minute giving me a nourished, moisturised and “protected” mane to torture with a hot iron! (Can you tell I cringe everytime I see some smoke coming through the wand? it takes getting used to people!) Love the effects, cannot get enough, never quitting!

hair care favorites ghd classic styler Kerastase Nutritive heat protector serum

The second epiphany revolved around brows, obviously, the next set of hair on me which needs grooming! I had it threaded last week and decided I want them to look the SAME! To hell with the “sisters-not-twins” theory, I’ve lived for far too many years without great looking brows! Luckily for me, the stylist wasn’t a crazy woman and she did a bang-on job! The result was good except my one otherwise thicker brow now matched the thin one and I wasn’t very pleased. Came home, tried to fill it with MAC’s stud brow pencil (a better match for my skin and brows than Anastasia’s Brunette Brow Wiz) and WOW! Now I do not leave home until I have done my brows, I love it so much. Think amazing arch and full brows.. the dream!

I have had the MAC number for a few years (and don’t even ask what it was doing all this time!) and I am not sure of its price, but considering I may now run out of it any time with everyday use (JUST IMAGINE!) I need to get a backup soon! Between this and the Anastasia, I firmly believe MAC is cheaper, although with taxes and everything MAC is borderline too expensive here!

summer beauty favorites may beauty favorites iphone6 Tarte Tipsy GHD straighteners Kerastase Supergoop sunscreen day cream MAC Brow pencil Stud Becca Shimmering Skin perfector Moonstone clinique chubby stick balm intense curviest caramel clinique universal super primer Nars Radiant Creamy concealer ginger

See that sample up there? I am so sad its finished! I haven’t had time to buy the real thing but gosh was it good! I absolutely loved using the Clinique’s Universal Super Primer the entire week (rationed it to last me till Friday!). After Sunny mentioned it (my adorable, ultimate enabling “Guru”!) I gave it a comparison run with the Hourglass Mineral Veil (my other favorite primer for BIG events) and they are indeed quite similar! The Hourglass gives a more matte and velvetty skin (I am guessing thanks to more silicones?) while the Clinique is more hydrating, less velvety and the formulation is more “skincare appropriate”. That is my two cents on the matter!

I must admit, my daily routine does not really change from day to day and I stick to what I know works. Its simple; moisturiser, sunscreen, concealer, powder and so on depending on the occasion and time left! For the longest time I have been struggling and experimenting with sunscreen to find the one which doesn’t turn my face into an oily sweaty mess and of course no white cast. Depending on how cloudy or sunny it is outside, different options on my dresser come into action but one which has consistently delivered is the Supergoop Sunscreen Day Cream! It is a thick creamy moisturiser which is anything but greasy Thank God. Its got SPF 40 PA+++ which is essential for this weather and just about enough hydration to keep my face from wilting in the air conditioning. This plus the Clinique primer is match made in heaven! I wear it alone and go straight for a little dab of the primer on the t-zone. I am sure when the weather takes a breather and cools down a bit I’ll need an extra moisturiser, but until then.. hot humid days I am prepared for you!

I have had Tarte’s Tipsy for close to two years now but never have I felt the courage to really dip a brush in the bright coral pan and bring upto the cheeks! Fellow beauty bloggers and enthusiasts have gone breathless praising this one but somehow nothing could convince me that this blush wouldn’t turn me into a clown. So, last week when someone I adore suggested this to be her “natural” blush and I thought thats it! I am wearing this. Its not a foolproof blush like my beloved Exposed but with a big fluffy brush I can make it work! Its true to Tarte and very pigmented and if my cheeks aren’t powdered I can risk nearly staining them coral. Once the application is mastered this is truly a beautiful summer blush!

iphone 6 gold 16 gb fossil tan bag zara jeans

Finally, I need to vent my excitement for my new iPhone! It has taken me almost ten years to jump on the bandwagon and like a true Apple fan I can’t help but feel elated about this purchase! Insanely expensive but truly amazing, this phone is just everything I needed! Great camera, really good battery, beautiful design and SO slim and lightweight! Wow! I am still figuring my way through this and hunting for good apps, so let me know if you have recommendations! (P.S: I have more posts on the above loot including the bag and some clothes. Keep your eyes peeled for that!)

I am really feeling my beauty bone tickling! This week I’ve been so involved with products and routines I have actually not felt like doing anything be it my work or work out! I know not good but seriously its that time when I am on the cusp of redefining my beauty style and its very important! agreed?

I have been experimenting with my camera again. With so much help and advise available on my bloglovin’ feed I cannot help but read through some for my own good! I sat with my husband and learnt a few tricks and tips with our camera. Adjusting the Shutter speed and ISO was just the beginning and we went as far as doing some research online and looking at what settings different photographers use! It was so much fun and such a great learning experience. For those of you who do not know, I don’t have any photography equipment except a camera and natural sunlight! We also looked up tripods and studio lighting and everything was pretty expensive and an investment I’ll only make if I have exhausted all the settings and facilities my camera provides itself.

If you see very different and slightly weird pictures in the future posts you know whats been going on!

Coming Friday my parents arrive for a three week stay! I am so happy and looking forward to some good’ol pampering and family time! We have a short vacation planned in two weeks so that should be fun too. I’ll keep you in the loop through everything and hopefully will be posting regularly through all that!

How was your week? Have a good Sunday!

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