The Summer Uniform

summer wardrobe, river Island Shirt, Zara Jeans, Zara black flats, Fossil tan handbag, Daniel Wellington watch, Jo Malone Perfume Orange Blossom

I am enslaved to a certain style which has not changed probably in the last five years?! Oh yeah I am still very 2009 and I dont care! I am usually an “oversized shirt on skinny jeans and black flats” girl unless its one of those days when I am rocking something Indian! Given how uncomfortably hot and humid it is these days (and most of the year really) I don’t really have any winter clothing in my wardrobe. I thought I’ll share with you what I have been wearing this past month or so and just put it out there!

You have no idea how awkward it feels to me to share such a basic wardrobe post! I mean just look around, bloggers are absolutely killing it with amazingly shot style posts that look straight out of a glossy magazine! I clearly lack such stellar skills so we’ll have to do with what I’ve got! Here we go!

However much I’d like, its just not possible to wear black all year in India. Once you step out in the sun wearing all black, bloody pleased with your look, the next minute you are running on the street looking for shelter from the monstrosity above! What’s a girl to do? Add more cool colors to her wardrobe! The next best thing is blues and greys which I usually stay away from for fear of looking “blah” so this summer I have been wearing a lot more creams and whites in rotation. I’ve always had the fear inviting too much attention to the “boobs area” so I stick to loose fittings on top and compensate with something skinny on the bottom! To me thats perfect and quite comfortable with of course the bottoms being stretchable (no-brainer!)

Summer wardrobe tops zara, mango river Island

I have a ritual of buying a basic blue cropped skinny jeans from Zara every summer. Zara jeans fit my rather large bum and small waist snugly so I don’t really experiment with other brands (having had my fair share of disappointments before!). I picked these ones this time around and they are even better than my last ones! They are part of the premium Japanese made styles (as the label says) and feel super soft, stretchy (of course) and just very comfortable. I am basically “living” in these at the moment and they haven’t left my bottom in two weeks! Nice.

Zara Jeans

These are cropped and drop down just around my ankles which are left slightly peeping through. I love that and it kinda looks cute to me especially if you’re wearing sandals. I pair them with sneakers on most days unless I am wearing something fancier than a t-shirt which then demands a classic black flats. I got a pair about a month back from Zara (another of those pieces I always buy from Zara every year!) and they fit snug. oh!

The thing with my feet (yeah I have a problem with those too!) is that they are flat and skinny and most shoes just open up around the arch making the whole thing look very absurd! To find the pair which fits the entire feet and not loosen up inappropriately is a TASK. Zara though, never disappoints. (I sometimes wonder what my “wardrobe” life was like before Zara?) I have been guilty of buying shoes in ever color in the past but now I try to control the urge and behave! I have issues with finding the perfect fit for flats, which usually fall between sizes but I persist! Hopefully one day brands will realise there are feet that fit 39.5 as well!

summer wardrobe, river Island Shirt, Zara Jeans, Zara black flats, Fossil tan handbag, Daniel Wellington watch, Jo Malone Perfume Orange Blossom

I am not really a “day-to-day” jewelry person and other than my rings and my DW watch I cannot be bothered with much else! I feel I lack the kind of pieces in my collection which are comfortable not too in your face and not take the attention away from “me”. Sometimes if I fancy I’ll just wear the tiniest drops in my ears and cover it quickly with all my hair, spray some perfume and dash out! I wish I had big chunky necklaces and rows of watches to show you but the truth is, all of that isn’t me. If my outfit is too simple I’d wear a bright nail color or do a smokey eye or something you know? Thats more my kinda thing!

I know I have been flaunting my new handbag for quite sometime but bear with me because i have a whole long post written up on it! Brace yourselves peeps, theres a whole “Whats in My New Tan” coming your way!

Until next time!

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