A Bag To Put All Bag Dreams To Bed

Fossil Emerson Satchel in Camel

I spend more free time than I’d like to admit, daydreaming about ridiculously expensive handbags and plotting how I’m going to get my hands on one some day. A Chanel classic, or a Mulberry Satchel usually figure on top of my wishlist and I know deep down, the day I have saved up enough I won’t think twice before dropping all my cash for one of them! Priorities.

After almost two years of my love affair with the Longchamp Le Pliage (it looks achingly at me these days!) I had gotten to a point that I was treating it more like a sack than a handbag. Poor thing, it looked really worse for wear and given how resentful of it my husband had grown, I knew I needed to refresh things a bit. I had been saving up for a GRAND handbag to be bought by the end of the year, but as it always happens, plans are meant to be sabotaged and one day casually strolling around the shops this baby caught my eye!

The bag is pretty much my perfect bag recipe. Leather – check, Tan – check, Mid-size – check, Gold Hardware – check, GORGEOUS – check, check, check! Once I laid my eyes on this there was no tearing me away. Everything got wrapped up, billed and handed to me in less than 10 minutes and I was out of the shop before someone could even stop me to think! Not that I could be talked out of it, this was PERFECT!

The Fossil Emerson Satchel is dreamy stuff. Its lightweight and spacious but never looks “too big”. I have so far filled it with just the “essentials” and it doesn’t look loaded or change its shape. The zip on the top safely tucks inside everything and I can walk around the streets with some peace of mind. The soft (oh baby soft!) leather has the most beautiful smooth texture and I have been promised that as it ages its going to look more seasoned. CANNOT WAIT!

Fossil Emerson Satchel in Camel

I really appreciate the double straps here. I have always been the girl with cross-body bags and going hands free, so I love that I have that option. Although my age (and boobies) wouldn’t find it appropriate, its a good thing when you have more than two things on you to carry (read, gym bag + lunch bag). It wasn’t extremely expensive and honestly for that price and quality its a bargain! Its not a “take to a fancy dinner bag”, its practical and smart and I can live with that! I have gone through a couple of Fossil bags and they are still around in top shape and if nothing else they look really vintage and really cool!

Fossil Emerson Satchel in Camel whats in my handbag

Now for the promised “Whats in My Bag!”. A new handbag is always a good (blogging) opportunity to show you what goodies one is carrying around. I have quit the elaborate makeup bag and just have the ABSOLUTE essentials (life savers) in here with just a few “extras” thrown in!

+ My Phone, Wallet and Sunglasses are the usual. I was itching to get a matching wallet but I figured it was superfluous since I already have a pretty good wallet that works just fine!

+ Skincare bits that I need on a daily basis in preparation for a session at the gym. I need to have some sort of makeup removal at hand and I recently bought This Works’ In Transit No Traces. These are cotton pads soaked in some makeup removing solution and are pretty good when I have only 5 minutes to change and get on the floor! I also have a tube of the Vichy Aqualia Thermal Light moisturiser which is nothing to write home about. Its too fragranced for my liking (and not in a good way), does an OK job at hydrating but I hardly care since I am probably going to sweat everything out in the next 30 minutes! A lip balm to soothe my perpetually troubled lips. The EOS number in Sweet Mint is delightfully minty and has just about enough hold and slip to stay put through the work out. I keep using it through the day to especially now when its just so hot!

+ Makeup things are always a priority! I cannot be without my Chanel Les Beiges these days. Its been momentous in keeping my face looking “human” and not a melting mess. The best part, I can go overboard with it and not end up looking like cake batter! In the mornings when I have a “in-transit-makeup” session, I grab the YSL Touche Eclat and go. to. town. Blend it with the Real Techniques Setting Brush and done! I clearly don’t step out in public without blushing cheeks which explains why I need two options and a blush brush! Chanel’s Presage when I need something very peachy, and Nars Deep Throat (cringe!) when I am feeling mellow. I promise I don’t have the YSL lipstick in here because of the gold tube to match the gold hardware! (Or do I?) Rouge Pur Couture #5 is the peachy goodness to pair with Presage or Nars and also works beautifully on its own.

Fossil Emerson Satchel in Camel

+ I also have a hand cream and perfume thrown in for the same (no time at home) reason. Besides I just want all the good things in one place! Jo Malone Orange Blossom Cologne (all good things about summe rin a pretty bottle!) and L’occitane Rose hand cream. Two favorites that I’ll never get tired of!

+ Not Pictured: A pen (or three), a notepad, phone charger, ear phones, a pack of diet cookies, stray almonds in the bottom and if I am lucky an apple!

So until those hand bag dreams come back, you know what I am going to be happily lugging around!

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