The "Other" Kind of Nail Colors

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I have a beige-nail-polish problem. Having an unreasonable number of EXACTLY the same color cannot be justified on any planet (where the “beings” have only two set of hands and 10 digits in total). There are dupes and then there are DUPES in my stash! There was a time when after discovering my soul-mate-in-nail-polish-form, Dior’s Grège, I had multiple moments of panic where I wanted to own EVERY dupe for it out there! I just worked out in my head that if there ever was an eventuality of the Dior running out on me unannounced, I should have an army of its dupes to back me up. The trivial fact that I could just repurchase the original dawned much later.. late enough that I had already accumulated an unhealthy stash of not-quite-similar-dupes which are nowhere as good as the original.

Naturally, having too much of the same thing can be a bit “uninspiring” at times so I decided to experiment with some color *shocked face* The stress is on “some” as the above picture clearly tells since I am not what you’d call a color-aficionado butI’m slowly but surely catching up with the world.

The easiest (and safest) way for me to wear color is on my toes. Although I still love to have some shade of beige/nude on me (because they are inconspicuous, flattering and sophisticated duh!) teals and greys are my first picks when I am feeling adventurous. Especially teals with the perfect balance of blue and green and Estee Lauder’s Dillitante is just THAT. Not too green not too blue, gorgeously pastel and all kinds of *oooooh* invoking. If the pretty color wasn’t enough to make me weak in the knees, the formula is absolutely unbeatable! It dries quickly with no streakiness and has stayed on for 3 WEEKS! Hell yeah! I wear my free runs almost everyday and they have had an impressive record of smudging every nail color I have worn on my toes.. until this one! Run, jog, train, swim.. this color survives everything! [There is some serious Estee Lauder haul/damage waiting to happen!]

I have had an (unintended) absence of anything lilac/lavender in my house. I say house because that entire color-palette/family is missing from everything right from clothes to makeup to curtains to bed spreads and even crockery! While I don’t particularly miss it but after seeing how much its loved for spring-summer everywhere I decided to take the first steps.

NCLA is a brand new to me and I hadn’t spotted it extensively on blogs either but after spotting them on luxola it didn’t take me long to grab a couple. While my first impression of it isn’t exactly positive I do love this color! As If! (name of the shade not my state of mind) is a lavender, not too purple or blue toned.. almost warm and goes well with my skintone. It also some grey thrown in for good measure which makes it not your regular lavender. Wish the brush was wider and the formula a bit less creamy (if thats even possible) and there I’d have a new contender for my favorite nail polish spot!

When nothing else works.. pull out the greys! If there was ever a thing which has surprised me more than my ability for hoarding an unreasonable amount of makeup, it has to be grey nail polishes! Never did I think that grey toned nail colors could look as beautiful as they do on me! Gushes aside, picking the perfect grey is something I am picky about! No purple tones, no dark greys, no sheers etc. Wet Cement from Sally Hansen was my first grey and easily my favorite too! Its a pretty taupe-grey with undertones of green and its stunning to put it mildly! This bottle has lasted me almost two years with no signs of “nail polish age” and the formula is top notch! Fluid, non-streaky with a good sized brush. Nothing not to love.

A look at my nail polish stash and you can tell I am not loyal to any brands. I have a few Chanel’s and Dior’s in there with a fair bit of Max Factor and Sally Hansen thrown in, but this flock is not biased to any particular brand. I am open to discovering new bits so please send in your recommendations!

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