How I Prep Myself For Gym

preparing for gym

It is HARD not to think of home and that warm cozy bed and the warm cozy (ooozing with Kcals) breakfast that I just said NO to, while I drag myself to the gym two blocks away. I have always felt that some people are just born that way, fit and excited and magically capable of banishing every inch of excess fat, while others need a few months if not years to decide they need to do something about their haphazardly growing  body. Admittedly, I belong to category two.

Its been a fair few months of me trying to act disciplined and working out regularly and while there is a lot of change in how I feel and how my body feels there is also a lot of lifestyle changes that I’ve had to make to keep things going. This post discusses how I mentally and physically prepare myself for a two hour gym sojourn and what has helped.

If I workout in the evening

On most days of the week I workout in the evenings. For the last 4-5 years thats what I have found to work for me best, given my schedules and body proclivities, which seem to be at its loosened-up best in the twilight hours.

EAT // With a lunch at 12.30 pm followed by a snack at 3 pm, fruits at 5 pm and an apple at around 5.45 pm right before I hit the floor at 6 pm. This diet was recommended after I failed to keep up with the schedules and strains of exercise and was falling sick perpetually.

My lunch comprises lean chicken dices with double the portion of vegetables and no carbs. I like to change the flavors often to keep my palette from getting fatigued and bored! The 3 pm snack is usually a portion of scrambled eggs or boiled eggs with greens to inject some more protein in preparation for the upcoming workout. The protein intake has been rounded off to such, as to help the muscles recover from the previous days’ workout and also build new muscle.

For the 5 pm snack I eat enzymatic fruits like watermelon, pineapple, musk melons etc. The amount of fruits I have might sound huge but I break it into portions and have throughout the day. By dividing my portions into multiples, it not just helps my metabolism but also helps me to be consistent and not give up things out of boredom. It works.

LISTEN // Apart from “listening” to my body and its needs, I make sure I set my mood apropos to a workout session. The best thing to do is to start listening to workout music an hour or two before the actual session. This helps me feel a little more gung-ho about the upcoming torture and actually look forward to it! Its crazy I know, but I spare my colleagues and keep the celebrations to myself. This is something I started doing recently and it already seems to be working. Usually on my way from work to workout I can nearly find myself giving up on the idea and turn the wheels homewards. In times like these whatever can keep me focussed is welcome and music is the best choice!

CLEAN // Now to the beauty stuff. There is only one rule to gymming and skincare that I follow and its “NO MAKEUP”. I cringe at the sight of women in the gym in all of their makeup glory, freshly applied for the workout *horror* Thats akin to skincare suicide in my books and I cannot begin to describe how hard its for me to not go up to them and give them an earful on how they need to stop doing that!

I keep a bottle (or decanted) of Bioderma’s Sensibio Micellar Water in my gym bag and remove every last trace of makeup. I usually do not apply any moisturiser, as five minutes into the session and I am sweating profusely! What I do instead is to spray some Thermal Spring Water liberally and let it soak. It is usually hydrating enough for the five minutes before my workout starts and that also calms my senses. A dab of lip balm (if I am not already on the floor) and we are good to go! Post workout I rinse my face with water, dry it and spray some more thermal water and head home.

If I workout in the morning

Morning workouts are reserved for the weekends or days when I am working from home. Thats not often. I am usually pretty sore in the mornings but ever since these diet changes I have found my body to recover ten times faster than before and the soreness is almost gone by morning. This has been such a big thing for me and my mental well being because a sore aching body is never a motivator, obviously.

EAT // I start my day around 7 in the morning, sometimes 15 minutes earlier. Drink two big glasses of water go around my daily ablutions, make a breakfast of either boiled eggs, fruits and skimmed milk or scrambled eggs, with a side of vegetables and milk. I divide this breakfast in two, first portion is eaten for breakfast and the second portion is the post workout snack. I usually have about 6 eggs in there, 3 whole and 3 whites. This usually goes on till 8, 8.30 am.

I head to the gym at around 9 30 am for a session at 10 am, and make sure I grab an apple just before that.

CLEAN // For a morning gym session, I skip on my morning skincare routine and keep it for after workout. I just cleanse my skin with a cotton swab soaked in Bioderma, follow it up with a spray of Thermal Water and apply sunscreen. A little bit of lip balm and head out in the sun. The Dior Lip Glow gives me a little tint and makes me feel a little perked up in the morning which is always a nice feeling!

Once at the gym I wipe away the sunscreen before a workout so I do not clog my pores in any way. Post workout if I am not showering in the gym I wash my face, reapply sunscreen and head back home.

I sometimes have makeup wipes on me, or makeup removing cloths (the fancier name) but somehow my skin has never agreed with those. I always find a few swipes with Bioderma goes such a long way in keeping my skin in good condition and avoiding breakouts and nasties, than any makeup wipe has ever! Just two weeks back I had a breakout threat looming over my face when the usual pores around my nose looked inflamed and very sore. I immediately switched back to using Bioderma and the disaster was averted!

I have skipped on a lot of details, but if you’re interested to know more, let me know!

Do you workout? How do you keep yourself going?

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