Things I Wouldn’t Buy Again

Aesop Resurrection hand cream REN Radiance perfecting serum Supergoop Sunscreen Serum Kiehl's Ultra Facial Cream Intense Hydration Original and Mineral Hydrate and conquer conditioner

Product bashing isn’t my favorite thing to do, neither is paying for something that is a failure in pretty disguise. We’ve all been there done that, buying something because it was too hard to ignore the hype around it, only to discover its shortcomings in one application. In my case, there have been plenty of occasions where I’ve met a one-time-wonder only to have it never work the same way again. This isn’t a happy post!

I could be naive or inexperienced but this has been the story especially with hair products. From one bottle to another or even one wash to the next, the results have been different and frustrating. Here are some of the products which seemed to have a lot of promise and potential initially, but eventually lost their spots for being inconsistent.

Aesop Resurrection Hand Cream – CultBeauty – £19, 75ml

I am no stranger to hype. If you follow beauty blogs closely then you are probably familiar with the astronomical rise in the popularity of Aesop products in recent years. One such so called “cult favorite” is the Aesop Resurrection Hand Cream, which I knew from the first application, was not really going to work for my acutely dry hands.

Its not the smell, its not the consistency, its what it does to my hands. It does not add much hydration or comfort to my already grieving paws irrespective of the amount used and leaves me slightly dissatisfied. How I had envisaged it was a creamy hydrating emulsion with the goodness of butter sans the grease and an all round miracle worker and for that price, that was the least of my expectations.

Although this product hasn’t put me off Aesop as a brand, it sure has opened my eyes to the fact that not every product a brand does can be foolproof. If there is no way to first try a product in person, one is better off not spending one’s money blindly. Hand creams are honestly a very personal thing and while not everybody believes in that form of luxury, for some its a necessity more than an indulgence. I am slowly coming to the realization that a tiny inexpensive tube of baby cream works really well for my hands and pretty much puts all of those expensive hand creams to shame. Oh well!

REN Radiance Perfecting Serum – Cult Beauty – £35, 30ml

While REN have still managed to keep me hooked to their various products and my interest alive, there have been a fair share of disappointments that threaten to shake that faith. This serum promises ultimate glow and radiance to the complexion, all with an impressive natural ingredient list, which is eco conscious and skin friendly. I have failed to see that purported glow, I am sorry. I am ready to accept that I may not be the targeted audience for this product, but the fact that it tightens my skin uncomfortably, and makes me want to wash my face all over again or douse it with a thick moisturiser, is very disturbing.

It is thin in consistency and has no immediate discernible affect on the skin. Even after going through half of that bottle I have failed to fall in love with it. To add to my misery, it did not come cheap and I wish I had directed that money elsewhere!

REN do plenty of products in this range including the popular Glycolactic Radiance Renewal Masque which shall go down in (my) history as one of the biggest disappointments life threw at me! I was worried the serum might go the same way and it did. Murphy’s Law.

Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Cream (Intense Hydration)

While Kiehl’s do some of my favorite products in my routine, their uber popular Ultra Facial Line is just not meant for me. I have now been officially bitten twice; I have had a taste of  the original formula of the Ultra Facial cream and disliked it completely, and now couple of years down I decided to revisit and picked up a different version. The Intense Hydration version is less greasy than the original, absorbs quickly, but disappears as swiftly. As opposed to the intense hydration it should provide, it almost dries up my skin to the point of irritation and I am left wondering what did I miss here?

In hot humid months this performs well and keeps the shine away, but as soon as the weather cooled down I have been loving it less and less each passing day. I have stashed the tub away for next summer at this point as my skin absolutely refuses to get along with it!

Supergoop City Sunscreen Serum – Luxola – Rs 3907, 50ml

I am going to go easy on this one since it is not as bad as the ones above but disappointing nevertheless. At first I couldn’t figure out exactly how to wear it, does it go on top of all moisturiser and serum as a last step? Or does it go under everything since it has a “serum” attached to its name? In the end I went with the SPF 30 claim on it and started wearing it as the last step because honestly I don’t really see the point of a serum and sunscreen in one!

The texture of this is quite pleasant and creamy but non-greasy so its not uncomfortable to wear. Where it loses points from me is the fact that its supposed to be a serum which is potentially a misleading claim. I put up with it because it is non-fragranced and has an impressive antioxidants based ingredients list. Whether or not it has any anti-aging effects is to be seen. Nonetheless, it does not justify the price it comes at.

Original and Mineral, Hydrate and Conquer Conditioner – Luxola – Rs 3012, 350ml

The time I had fallen hard for O&M, especially this one here, I knew I wanted a taste of more of its products! Since my hair can never have enough hydration, I decided to give this conditioner a go. Now, this isn’t a bad product except the fact that it smells of cake batter, very very strongly, and I cannot stand it!

It is amply hydrating (only if you have the patience to leave it on for a good twenty minutes), but the hair does feel a little greasy post washing and drying and not as bouncy as I would want! I tried hard to get past the smell and use it diligently but everytime I pump out a pea size my entire bathroom fills up with the smell and I just shut the bottle back up!

Talking about the bottle, it has the most ergonomically UNSUITABLE design, and its impossible to squirt out the right amount without dousing my walls with some conditioner as well. The bottle is thick plastic which makes it hard to press it and the nozzle has a weird toggle closure which is such a narrow passage for such a thick conditioner. I guess what I am saying is that this does not have much going on for it! It does come with a lot more product than regular conditioners but that does not make up for the lack of a good container or a good product.

Have you had any disappointments recently?

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