The Big Sunday Post #5

the big sunday post 5

Its been a while one of these Sunday posts graced the blog so today with multiple, disconnected, random thoughts grazing over my head, I thought I’d whip up one of these and entertain you folks!

For the past three weeks I have been working from home which means two things usually, a) I have been makeup free on most days b) and, lack of sun and pollution has cleared my clogged pores! I literally have the smoothest, cleanest skin right now which, unfortunately will go back to being distressed from tomorrow when I start traveling daily. Not wearing makeup has definitely not meant that I haven’t bought any, but I am not talking too much as there is a little haul coming up shortly.

My bedside table was a real battle ground just before I took that picture! Working form home meant I had all my equipment, laptop, books, pens beauty stuff, food, water etc. etc all living on top of that rather large bedside table! Now that work commute starts tomorrow I thought I’ll give this space a little breather and cleared it up. I realised I had finished up a lot of my usual bed time beauty stuff and they were just lying there un-binned! Removed that and also streamlined things by putting a fresh tube of the Oskia Renaissance Hand and Body lotion and a shiny new tub of Nuxe Reve de Miel lip balm. I basically just need two things before I go to sleep so why have a ton of stuff there?

My blog is in dire need of a makeover and I am just not able to decide how I want it look! Why do certain things look so effortless from a distance and then when you actually sit down to do it yourself, you realise that its going to be a while till you chew off all that you bit! Its the same for me when I look at beautifully designed blogs and websites. I am a minimalist at heart and really like to keep things simple, but sometimes simple is the hardest to do as I have come to know. Its just that I am really enjoying blogging again and find myself thinking of posts and ideas and things to talk about constantly, even in the middle of the night! I want to do all of it, but also have a more serious and slightly professional looking blog that I am proud of!

Its exactly two months before our big European holiday in September and I can finally start prepping and planning which has been the toughest thing to hold myself from! I am the kind who can pack my suitcase months before the actual holiday but this time I have been focussing my energy into work and other things and trying to be all cool about the holiday (which I am absolutely not! I am SUPER excited!). The first thing to sort out is travel and accommodation which is nearly done, now all I need to do is look for places to see and eat at which is usually the more enjoyable part of the planning!

The more important thing on the agenda is clothing and skincare/makeup to carry and I have been lusting over travel packs and minis these days! Totally feeling the minis, want them all, I want all my favorite products miniature-ized so I can carry everything with me! Its a three week trip and involves a lot of city hopping so I have to be cautious with the packing. Now, I am not going to flood you with packing tips and planning posts (there are plenty doing the rounds on blogs in case you haven’t noticed!) but will definitely show you what I am taking along when the time comes!


Lets go back two days. Since Friday I have been binge watching Jane the Virgin and I am currently on Chapter 20 of the first season. Oh. My. God. this show!? It is so damn funny and I have spent my entire Saturday couched on the bed marathoning its one and only season so far! I am so close to finishing it but it was so much fun! If you are one for a lot of masala and fast paced stories (this is as fast paced as it can ever get!) with a ton of humor, then this is the show! Also, the fact that the lead actress Gina Rodriguez won a Golden Globe for it totally makes sense! She was hilarious, sweet, endearing and just so damn good! Its a light-hearted comedy with a LOT of drama and you are advised to keep some food at arms length because you wouldn’t want to move away from the screen!

Today was the day I actually got around to taking blog photos after nearly two weeks. I have been piling up ideas and waiting for it to be a sunny day but (thankfully) the clouds have been gracing the skies and its not that hot and very pleasant actually, but that also means very little time window for crisp sunlight. I am usually found deep in sleep in the wee hours of the morning these days, thanks to not having to go to work, and miss out on that slim sunlight window. Anyway, today I took some and now I have a stockpile of pictures for reviews and rambles.

Beauty is honestly my first choice when it comes writing. I was desperate to branch out and do something different a few months back, which I will in due course, but for now I am really enjoying my beauty loot and having fun with my blog posts. I’ll probably still space posts out as I was before, but there is certainly a slight change in tone and enthusiasm which you should be able to sense! I am in a happy place! To me writing about products does not always translate to reviews, its part of my lifestyle and part of who I am and what I like, just like fitness and flowers may be. I am going to add more depth and insight into things I write about and also inject more flavor into the blog where possible!

Hope you have a great Sunday, I am off to making mine a tad more productive! Also, face masks.

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