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feelunique haul makeup skincare Radical skincare spf skin screen First Aid Beauty Facial Radiance Pads Trilogy Rose hip oil By Terry Ombre Blackstar Bronze Moon thebalm Desert Bronzer

I have been working my way through ticking things off this wishlist, and while I definitely DO NOT intend to/can buy everything on it I have managed to cross a LOT off my list. June in fact is to be blamed, primarily because it dawned on every online retailer last month that they SHOULD host a sale and cause havoc in my bank account.

feelunique haul makeup skincare Radical skincare spf skin screen First Aid Beauty Facial Radiance Pads Trilogy Rose hip oil By Terry Ombre Blackstar Bronze Moon thebalm Desert Bronzer

FeelUnique has been a recent addition to the list of online places that feed my beauty addictions (in a  really good way!) and I have been seriously and dangerously hooked to it. They are one of the better websites that ship worldwide and I have known about it for a while but it wasn’t until last month that I could talk myself past the shipping and delivery worries, and bring myself to press the “Place Order” tab. Unfortunately, that tab was pressed one too many times for my liking and I found myself awaiting more than a couple orders in succession! In my defense, it was hard to settle down on the very products I wanted besides, its best to break down your purchase into smaller ones, you know, just to be safe!

With their annual Summer Sale constantly sending me email notifications I decided to oblige (its rude not to) besides it turned out to be the perfect opportunity to grab some of my most coveted items on an upwards of 20% discount! I spent an entire weekend putting things on and off my shopping cart and in the end placed two orders, one after another, and tried not to bite off all my nails in anticipation of their safe delivery.

Feelunique haul First Aid Beauty Facial Radiance Pads full size

The first order was the two things I absolutely had to get and they fortunately had an additional 15% on a 20% discount which basically means (if the math is done right) is a 32% discount! I wasn’t passing that up for anything. I bought the First Aid Beauty Facial Radiance Pads, which I have been so desperate to try for the past year and mostly positive reviews and a relatively pocket friendly price, just made it impossible to avoid. I actually received this first package last week (yay for super fast delivery!) and have already used these pads every alternate night since. I really really like them! I am not going to talk too much because its just been a week and I have been at home so not that many issues to tackle anyway, but once I have used it more I’ll definitely post a full review. I think it has potential! Also, now I want the travel size version for my trip!

The second thing I ordered with it was TheBalm Desert Bronzer/Blush which is NOT just another neutral bronzer blush, rather a very pretty rosy bronzer that if you know me, you know that I always gravitate towards when it comes to cheek products. Here’s proof!

Feelunique haul Radical Skincare Skin Perfecting Screen

The second order (a couple of hours later actually) was triggered because I wanted Radical Skincare products, which have not just been been on my wishlist but also their cleanser has been a roaring success with my skin (I know! another cleanser!?). Considering I got another 32% disc. on these I ignored the fact that I already had 4 sunscreens to go through this summer and ordered their Skin Perfecting Screen which has had enough raves from every beauty vlogger out there this summer! Radical Skincare is an excruciatingly expensive brand and I don’t think I will buy anything without discounts, but so far its seems to be promising. I’ll post a review very soon.

To go with it, I decided to try a bloggers’ favorite facial oil, Trilogy 100% Organic Rosehip Oil. I figured that a 20ml bottle never harmed anyone and given my previous unflawed track record with rosehip oil, this could a good thing to try! I live for the glow and anti-aging done naturally is totally my thing! Not tried this yet but looking forward to! At this point I have not 2 not 3 but 4 facial oils on my dresser! Talk about excess.

Feelunique haul trilogy rosehip oil 20ml

So, this next thing I bought right before the sale, I know such a waste, but to my relief it wasn’t exactly on discount during the sale but I did manage to get some percentage off through another promotional code (I am a pro at this!). After one use of By Terry’s Brown Perfection I was determined to get my hands on Bronze Moon. The only other color I would ever see myself wearing apart from a brown..its bronze, brown’s shimmery little cousin!

I have actually not managed to break into Bronze Moon yet but now that I can actually have an excuse to apply makeup everyday I will crack this out asap!

Feelunique haul by terry ombre blackstar bronze moon thebalm desert bronzer

Have you shopped from FeelUnique recently?

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