Skincare That I Always Travel With

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Since I am more likely to carry extra skincare over extra under wear on holiday, I figured it’ll be a good idea to talk about it! I am paranoid about my skin freaking out in alien atmosphere so I always, without fail, pack enough serums and creams to battle any eventuality. In other words, I am always in oversupply of skincare, enough for three faces.

Air travel and aircrafts can really confuse my skin. As I am getting older, my diva of a skin detects the slightest changes in air quality and starts acting up. The T zone starts getting stretchy, the eyes start burning, a new pimple starts to rise its head wherever it fancies! Things were so much easier back in the day; never had a care about recycled air-plane oxygen and BS like that! life was so simple. But its okay! I probably have a product for every need my skin can throw at me!

As a first step towards hygiene, I make sure that I am armed with a hand sanitizer or wipes to keep my hands clean before I touch my face. I usually don’t wear makeup before or on a plane so cleansing isn’t something I need to do. Besides, I always over moisturise before boarding and keep a heavy duty moisturiser at hand (or better still a hydrating face mask decanted in a tiny pot).


I always save this tiny bottle of Shu Uemura’s Cleansing Oil for travel, and even otherwise I fill it up with a cleansing oil because the bottle is leak-proof. A cleansing oil basically acts as both, face and eye makeup remover, so saves space and keeps the face more nourished than any other makeup remover would ever! A solid/waxy cleanser like the Clinique’s Take the day off cleansing balm is pretty (heavy duty and) amazing because the probability of leakage is close to zero! I actually also quite like the Clarins Instant eye makeup remover, but the idea of carrying cotton pads never amuses me.

That is the one reason why good’ol Bioderma doesn’t feature here!

For cleansing there is nothing I love more than Oskia’s Renaissance Cleansing Gel (are you surprised?). So whats so special about it you ask? Well for starters it can be used any time of the day. With this around you don’t really need a face mask, also the gel-oil-magic is pretty much an entire routine in itself and you’re never going to feel you don’t have your skincare stash around! Now, if only Oskia could shrink it and create a travel sized bottle of this.. I’ll mostly decant and bring along. sigh. 

I usually skip exfoliators and harsh scrubs on holiday because I am never quite sure what state my face might end up in (like alien atmosphere is not stressful and alien enough!) Instead I always opt for very gentle and mild cleansers which just clean the face and get the job done. Go gentle go happy!

Toners & Mists

For the longest time I had a fancy shmancy travel sized bottle of the Caudalie’s Beauty Elixir in my travel bag because… ummm it was cool to have one and ummm… because its the bucket bag of facial mists that everyone has or wants? I firmly believe that not all facial mists are made equal and not all are just water in fancy cans! If you have the right kind with you, a toning or hydrating mist can really save the complexion.

Forest Essentials’ Pure Rose Water – I use this stuff constantly – when I wake up, before the gym, after showering, after the gym, when I’m bored. Rose water forever! Don’t underestimate the power of a simple face spray. Redness, sensitivity or even breakouts, all seem to calm a notch down when I treat them with a little bit of rose water before going over with anything else. (look out for added color and artificial fragrance; You DO NOT want to put that on your face!)

[ If you’re likely to miss exfoliating your skin or need a toner with a good chemical exfoliation, might I suggest the oh so popular “pads soaked in liquid”? These are all over the internet and every skincare brand probably has one out! I love the First Aid Beauty Facial Radiance Pads because they are gentle yet pack a punch but for me I think I’ll just skip that! There is no treatment that cannot wait until post holiday! ]

Serums & Oils

Now to the real good part! If you’ve been reading my blog for a while you are more than likely to be familiar with how much I love the Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair. Not just does a bottle have a permanent place in my skin care stash, I also make sure I carry this for any trip thats going to keep me away from home for more than a day! The formulation is non-fragranced and rich in Hyaluronic Acid which magically seems to combat any problem that my skin might have!

It subdues breakouts, clears away redness, balances the T-zone and takes care of that “glow”. What more does a girl want?!

Especially for trips to cold places or in winter, I always remember to carry some or the other facial oil. A little bit of oil before sleep never harmed anyone! Besides, when its cold outside and you’ve been out and about its essential you treat that face in the end! The Blue Orchid oil from Clarins is formulated for dehydrated skin and the thick really oily texture never fails to provide a good boost! I obviously cannot carry the full weighty glass bottle so I decant it in tiny samples and carry. Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Concentrate is a much thinner, lightweight alternative which I love! Its another of my hero products which you’re probably sick of reading about but lets just say its GOOD. one last time.

Moisturisers & Sun Blocks

When I feel my skin is in a very bad shape and inching closer to “worse”, I skip everything else and just go for a moisturiser. La Roche Posay Toleriane Riche is my knight in shining armour when nothing else can save me! In the worst of my inflammation spells (which are a distant memory, thankfully!) this has completely sorted my skin. Its a thick-yet-non-greasy moisturiser that soothes the skin while also amply hydrating it. Compared to other fancy moisturisers on the shelves this is still quite affordable and as good if not better! A super thick layer of this actually works really well as a hydrating mask although it would get absorbed eventually because its so lightweight in texture.

Never one to forget packing a sunscreen, I probably have one in my stash for every place and climate now! My current favorite is the Radical Skin Perfecting Sunscreen, a part spf, part primer, part skin enhancer, but honestly I’d pack any of the ones from this lot. Neutrogena’s Ultra Sheer Sun Block Spf 50 works great, its non-greasy, matte, no white cast, cheap & cheerful but I have to be careful not to let it get in the eyes or they’ll BURN! [pssst.. I love it for my hands and neck!]

I can feel the travel bug crawling up my neck!

Expect a few more posts on the subject in the coming weeks!

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33 thoughts on “Skincare That I Always Travel With

  1. lol at your skin being a diva! That made me smile. My skin is definitely sensitive to different climates/air too. How annoying! I just recently got a bottle of Advanced Night Repair and I’m excited to try it again. It has been a while, so I hope I like it better this time around!

    1. I only use the Pai Echium and Argan eye cream. I usually use it in the morning because at Night I already have oils around the eye area and using too many things can get uncomfortable. I have actually just finished both ANR and Kiehl’s and sort of thinking of getting both since I cannot decide! 😛

  2. great post! before i got into skincare i never noticed any effects from flying but once i got into it and started paying more attention to my skin i seriously notice the difference in it when i fly for more than a couple of hours and it’s horrible! 🙁 i don’t skimp on my routine at all, i decant everything i might need or take minis because i know that’s the only way i’d be able to get my skin back to normal again!

    jessica –

  3. Pretty post! Both Oskia Renaissance Cleansing Gel and the Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair are on top of my actual – well let’s say only actual – wishlist. So I’m not the only one to pack skincare as if the world was going to end… 😉

  4. The last time I travelled, I actually decanted Banila Co’s cleansing calm in an old Nuxe tub. So tiny but that’s all the cleansing I needed. For the plane journey itself, I always carry a sample cleanser. There’s always a few of them lying around.

  5. Totally agreed on a little mini of a cleansing oil – that stuff is so handy and pretty much has makeup removal and cleansing covered! I’ve been absoltutely loving LRP Toleriane Riche! Perfect for the cooler weather at the moment 🙂

    Tasha // shiwashiful.

  6. I love (no really it’s pretty bad) that Radical sunscreen – it just makes my skin look so so good before I put anything on.
    Cleansing Oils are traveling saviours – if only they didn’t have a habit of leaking on me, thankfully we’ve got balms and can decant them out into tolerable sizes.
    Lovely post, thanks so much for sharing!

  7. I’m a huge fan of cleansing oils too (me the Origins one) and for me it also doubles as an eye makeup remover, definitely! Unlike you though, I don’t skip on exfoliators because thats how I ensure my skin stays fine (plus lots of moisturizer of course). I only bring masks if I have some travel sized ones around, or ie samples, lol…

      1. Its called Origins Clean Energy. I have tried loads of face cleansing oils (though not the Shu, due to its super high price, geez, and lack of availability here) and I always go back to the Origins one!

  8. My skin does weird things on the plane, too! I carry Bioderma tho. I find it hard to cleanse my face properly with a cleansing oil on the plane, or any other cleanser for that matter. This is why I almost always show up at the airport with literally no makeup! ANR is a must-have, and I also carry oil. I collect sample packets for that purpose!

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