My Hair But (Way) Better

hair care for frizzy hair sachajuan hair repair Davines OI Milk

I wish I could say that I don’t do much to my hair but alas that would be a lie. Things that I day dream about (other than owning vintage Chanel and a Sephora one day) include thigh gaps and hair that bounces when I move! Hair product marketing, pitches for hot tools, bombshell hair promises.. I ignore stuff like that on principle but when someone speaks of a product that will work on my hair while I snooze, well, lets just state the obvious, you have my attention!

A few months back I spotted a very minimally packaged bottle labeled “Hair Repair” and I was immediately intrigued. What piqued my curiosity further was the fact that the said bottle was from Sachajuan, a Swedish hair care brand famous for their “Ocean Technology” which is their answer to all hair problems, apparently. I went in with no expectations prepared to be disappointed in myself for giving into hype but fortunately this thing works!

My hair is notoriously moody and refuses to get get along with most drugstore brands or high end if they commit the cardinal sin of including SLS into their ingredients list. Since Hair Repair is a conditioning treatment I do not have to worry about SLS and while the “repairing” claims are not tangible yet, my hair feels softer, more airy, (even thicker on good days) and not clumpy in the least after drying. The ends are much more silkier and less jute-like with a natural volume that is much appreciated!

hair care for frizzy hair sachajuan hair repair Davines OI Milk

Its like conditioner in consistency and full marks to Sachajuan for providing a thoughtful pump which never fails to dispense the right amount. I have actually been using this every time I condition because my hair is dry and I am desperate, so the bottle is more than half way down at this point. I think when used as a treatment, maybe once a week, this 250ml bottle can last a good 3-4 months, for lets say medium length hair. It works best on towel dried hair massaged throughout and then brushed through (which is such a good step if you don’t mind flushing away a good lump of hair). Also, that bottle I am certainly repurposing for my other badly packaged conditioners.

Hair Repair is now my go-to a one-stop product, not requiring leave in products to follow. The price is steep, but relative, since I have madly spent about double that amount on things that were not even half as good!

While in-shower-conditioning is a great way to maintain the mane, doing it everyday is not a healthy option. Long hair and daily washing is counter intuitive but sometimes has to be done because sweaty grimey hair is my worst nightmare! On days when I am feeling adventurous, I just cleanse my hair with water (or use a tiny bit of shampoo on the scalp) and then come out and run a LOT of the Davines OI All In One Milk through it. If done well, I end up with a big gap in the bottle by the time I am done! Now this one, like the name suggests, is very fluid and a lot like milk (or cream in fact) but a very moisturizing product, (stress on very), and if I use it too close to the scalp or use too much of it, I definitely end up with greasy hair. Otherwise, when used in the right amount and in the right places, there is nothing else that takes care of my dry hair as well as this does! With added UV protection, I feel like my hair is in safe hands.

hair care for frizzy hair sachajuan hair repair Davines OI Milk

I have a patch of long hair right at the nape which is the worst quality STRAW and nothing, absolutely nothing can save it. (I have come this close to chopping it off on several occasions but the vision of a bald patch repulses me) The OI Milk seems to have helped with section of hair a lot, which is what tells me that this is one heck of a moisturing concoction! If you don’t know who Davines are, they are an Italian brand mostly known for their quirky packaging and great hair products, that have fans all over the internet! I first came across it on ITG, and have since been chasing their products till I found them at my happy place, Cult Beauty, the one which makes me want to buy EVERYTHING.

For chronic dry hair sufferers like myself, OI Milk might be a great option but if you are even remotely greasy in the scalp department, tread cautiously.

The best thing about both other than their infinitely ‘gram-worthy bottles, is that they don’t need me to blow dry or use heat in any form. They work perfectly at room temperature which is God sent for people like me!

Have these replaced my old love for Kérastase? the answer is No! I still use the Kérastase shampoo for cleansing and the Elixir Ultime as a leave in treatment (occasionally) with the only difference that the Elixir does less of repairing and more of beautifying. It comes in handy when I have good hair going on already and I just need to amp it up. For ground-level repair work I need more grit and less fluff.

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