End of Summer Beauty Musings

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Summer decided to bid adieu very early this year, and ever since the beginning of August things have taken a turn towards fall. Which means, the weather Gods have been kind and their have been plenty of cooling showers and less burning in the sun. My makeup and skincare this month has been a reflection of the changing moods in the air and I have been worrying less about melting in the sun and more about keeping my face hydrated all day long.

It always feels strange and slightly awkward when I try to come back to blog life after a hiatus. I know my last post has been only a week back (only!) but I have been feeling distanced from the blog from much before that. August has been strange, weirdly demotivating, full of ill health, stifled with work and all the other nasties you can imagine. I decided I’d end all of that with a long and relaxed (and unending) post on all things I have been doing, using and loving this past month just to make sense of the month gone by. Keep that cup of coffee close by!

Lets begin.

The last stretch of summer always has me dashing for all my corals and peaches. I wake up and suddenly realise that summer is nearly over and I haven’t worn enough peachy-pinks and I panic! I am talking Tarte’s Tipsy, Blissful, two colors that have been going in and out of my makeup bag and straight on the face! Bare lips or not, these blushes add enough color on my afce to get me through the day and with the Zoeva Sheer Cheek brush I get the best finish and blend even in a moving car! On good makeup days I might even go for a highlight and lipstick but thats rare. No one ever managed a good makeup day in the back of a car.

While my aversion to all things foundation-ey has been at an all time high this month, instead I have been successfully making considerable dents in the several concealer tubes I have accumulated over the past year. YSL Touche Éclat and MAC’s Select Moisture Cover Concealer have been in my everyday makeup bag all month and now I am almost done with both. A feat like no other! I must admit, they both had nearly dried up and it was a pain to get anything blended but mixed with a tiny bit of moisturiser I could work with both.

Talking about finishing things up, I have been on a mission to finish all of the half empty bottles, pots and tubes in my beauty black hole. August ’15 will go down as the month when I purged all of my unwanted half used makeup and skincare bottles only to never fall in that spiral again! No seriously, I have finished somewhere close to fifteen different products this month (with a little help from the man in the house of course) and my heart fills up with pride every time I throw an empty bottle in the bin aah!

morning skincare and beauty routine radical skincare clarins hydraquench intensive serum mac quite natural paint pot rms beauty lip2cheek modest

I have a feeling, I am going to have a hard time this winter. My skin already feels so dry and those pesky dry patches around the nose and mouth just don’t seem to go away! I literally cringe inside everytime I pump out a little bit of the Clarins Hydraquench Bi-Serum because it is chock full of artificial fragrance which I am consciously trying to avoid in skincare but, oh does this smell good! This serum-oil-hybrid smells delicious and gives me such a good glow and hydration kick that (I mumble a few swear words), slap it on the face and walk out the door in bliss! It does a pretty good job of injecting grease-free moisture in the skin but I feel I need to top it with a light moisturiser since its not ideal under any kind of makeup.

Another product that I can’t stop raving to anyone who’d listen is the Radical Skin Perfecting Screen Spf 30. This is such a pleasure to use, a mineral sunscreen with a lot of glow enhancing ingredients (diamond powder btw, what!?) and a decent sun protection. I wouldn’t call it perfect for peak summer but with the “no-sun-sun” around, this has been doing a good enough job of protecting my face. What I love about this is how un-sunscreen like it is, almost like a matte primer which isn’t drying and sits beautifully under liquid or powder makeup. You can see a sheen on the face which isn’t actually there when you touch the skin. Nothing, just glow, no residue!

morning makeup favorites quite natural paint pot mac rms beauty lip2cheek modest

morning makeup favorites quite natural paint pot mac rms beauty lip2cheek modest swatches review

During my recent makeup purge phase I realised I have two MAC paint pots, nearly full, not used in almost a year! Indianwood was my everyday lid color until Chanel’s Mirage walked in, but MAC’s Quite Natural has never seen the light of the day. I always remembered it as too dark and too grungy (if thats even possible) so never bothered digging it out. The other day, I found this in my box-of-neglect, opened the lid and there I was holding the perfect deep brown-smokey-grungy-goodness in my hands, sadly all dried up!

Just when I was about to toss it, I added a few drops of my rosehip oil without much thought about the outcome, closed the lid shut and hoped for the best! Two days later I had soft and mushy, brown-smokey-grungy-goodness all revived and ready for use! I haven’t stopped wearing it since and the state of the pot would tell you that its getting its due affection finally! [I think Quite Natural is to tan skin what Groundwork is to fair skin; in the sense that QN comes up more brown than GW will ever on my skin! if you are close to my skintone and find GW too light and too purple, try this! Does all of this make sense? Perhaps, no!]

You know what goes best with a deep brown smokey eye? A rosy flush on the cheeks and lips! My own little makeup discovery this one and I absolutely ADORE it! The grown up smokey eye and the girly rosy cheek are the makeup opposites of each other but on the face look so so good together! The rosiest cheek product I own is the RMS Beauty Lip2Cheek in Modest and I have fallen in love with it all over again. It blends beautifully unlike any other cheek product I own and stays put inspite of being super creamy and emollient. These RMS pots are really really good, and I can’t help but itch for more colors.

On non rushed days I take my time to perfect the grunge look and the rosy flush before I put down the brush and pick up the keys!

Night time skincare favorites trilogy and clinique Trilogy Rosapene night cream clinqiue turnaround revitalizing treatment oil the conscience fund blog

Night time skincare favorites trilogy and clinique Trilogy Rosapene night cream clinqiue turnaround revitalizing treatment oil the conscience fund blog

Its been frustrating and scary to see my skin getting so dry already. What can I do? Last year my skin was abnormally oily and blemished around this time, and now its dry like it has never seen water! I have been relying mostly on my night time skincare to magically cure all this weirdness. The Clinique Turnaround Revitalizing Treatment Oil has been in use on and off for a few months and its only when the Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Concentrate breathed its last that I started using this everyday. Its kind of on the same lines, lightweight, glow giving, even the blue bottle with a dropper is similar, except this has no fragrance whatsoever (which I am not entirely sure I love). It absorbs very very quickly and hardly feels like an oil which makes me think I could use it in the day too? hmmm.

Its not very hydrating, in fact not at all on my skin which is why I have to use a night cream along with it. The Trilogy Rosapene Night Cream is just a couple of weeks into rotation and I can already feel a lot of love for it! It smells incredible, feels super rich but luckily absorbs quickly and doesn’t leave a greasy film. Feels like a superb drink for the skin and given how supple and bouncy my skin feels afterwards I am starting to believe in its magical powers! It works better than my La Roche Posay Toleriane Riche cream, which is saying a lot by the way, and thankfully I have not woken up to an oily T zone so far! I’ll have a full review of this as soon as I am comfortable talking about it in more detail.

How has August been for you? Fill me up!

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