Three Blushes For Fall

The balm desert bronzer review and swatch comparison MAC gingerly Tarte's Exposed

If it were to me I’d wear brown/neutral blushes all year. Sorry peachy-pinks but I cannot lie! Call it “big-face” problem but I always like to cover up a substantial amount of my face in neutral, face slimming and sculpting powders which happens naturally and beautifully when one of these blush-bronzer hybrids are used. A neutral and cool toned bronzing product which can also add a hint of color, yes I want it!

I have previously sung praises for my blonzers here, and its that time of the year again! All the “Tipsy-s”, “Blissful-s” and “Peaches-s” have been now replaced by “Gingerly-s”, “Exposed-s” and “Desert-s”! I am back to slimmer, sculpted cheeks and moody eye makeup and I could not be more in my elements!

MAC’s Gingerly is my powder dupe for Chanel’s Destiny cream blush (sadly discontinued) and a dream to blend on the skin. I love wearing it with my nude lipsticks in fall and it goes with pretty much everything except mauve or blue toned lipsticks (which is rare in my collection!). Tarte’s Exposed is a classic and one of the very few blushes I have ever hit pan on! I wear a LOT of Exposed on the cheeks, rub some lip balm, walk out the door and still look put together. Its magical. This year to add to the mix I have the Desert Bronzer from TheBalm.

The balm desert bronzer review and swatch

The balm desert bronzer review and swatch

You might have spotted it in my last FeelUnique haul among other things, and truth be told I have actually worn it a lot of times already, albeit mixed with some bright colors, only to avoid looking boring! I’ve waited a good couple of months before talking about it but now that September is here and I am assured that I will no longer get the side eye for talking about fall-appropriate-things, I thought I’d begin with my favorite makeup product to transition into fall, blushes.

I started looking into TheBalm blushes after a rekindled affair with Frat Boy. I knew that they made another line of staining blushes but given how easy it is for me to turn into a clown I thought it wise to stay away from something as strong. That said, Houndstooth (one of the shades from the range) had caught my fancy and just as I was about to bite the bullet I saw their new Desert Bronzer. When I purchased it I was looking for an alternative to other traditional bronzers in my stash which sometimes can leave me wanting a bit more color on the cheeks. I have come to the conclusion that I prefer rosier bronzers which can do a bit of everything from contouring, bronzing to blushing. On paper the Desert bronzer is just THAT. Exactly neutral, a hint of a sheen and works as both blush and bronzer based on how its used.

The balm desert bronzer review and swatch comparison MAC gingerly Tarte's Exposed

While this picture makes it look deceptively brown the swatches will tell you that Tarte’s Exposed and Desert Bronzer are long sisters (or brothers?). One with a tad more glow than the other. I can wear them alternately and not know the difference!Its more pink than any other labeled bronzer in my stash and it sort of makes me love it that little bit more!

And did I tell you its pigmented? The texture is creamy and dreamy and actually kicks off a lot of powder if I swirl a brush too strongly. Super pigmented but never looks overdone. The color is fool-proof and even a blush-fool like me cannot go wrong with it!

The balm desert bronzer review and swatch comparison MAC gingerly Tarte's Exposed
Left to Right: Desert, Exposed, Gingerly

If Exposed shows up on you beautifully and you wish it packed more glow then look no further; Desert Bronzer is the one you’ve been waiting for!

Have you tried it?

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