The Big Sunday Post #6

Europe trip packing

The week has finally come for me to jet off to my holiday! The past few weeks have passed by in a blink thanks to different parts of the house falling apart (not literally) and office work streaming in at insane speed. There was plenty to keep me busy.

I feel like I should let you know a little bit more about our plans. So, we are going to Austria first (Vienna, Innsbruck) and then later to Germany (Munich, Berlin), Czech Republic (Prague) and Sweden (Stockholm) all spanning over three weeks. I have never visited Europe in fall before and I have great expectations! This morning I finally zipped up my suitcase and declared the packing “DONE!” which is no mean feat. I have had serious commitment issues while picking the blush to carry, blue/black or brown eyeliner (or all?) etc etc. Finally I think I have managed to pick one of each kind of makeup, all essential skincare and just about enough clothing for the first few days before I start shopping *wink*.

I am carrying everything “fall” that I own literally! There is hardly any winter in this part of India so I am especially looking forward to feeling cold for once! I am excited about mauves and pinks, jackets and hoodies, coffees and drinks, food and fooling! We have a U2 concert on the 29th September in Berlin which is the primary reason for us to make this trip but then there is Oktoberfest which I am foolishly excited about (because I don’t drink!) and the thought of the beauty that Austria and Prague would be!

I am a big fan of Airbnb and like previous years, we are staying mostly in apartments except for Innsbruck and Stockholm. In fact the host in Munich cancelled on us at the last minute. We were gutted, but thankfully we got a full refund (Go Airbnb!) and a great new apartment within our budget. Everything got wrapped in 24 hours so I wasn’t stressed for more than a day! *sigh*

I’d love to know if you have recommendations for places to see and things to do as this is our first time to all these cities! I have been bookmarking features and roundups on these cities for months and have a little notebook full of addresses and lists but it always helps to have first hand, honest advice. So scribble away!

In other news..

My skin has actually been pretty angry with me this past few weeks. I have been stressed and worked up and not really working out so things have not been going well. I have cut it down in terms of skincare and taking it easy. That always helps, moderation and tact. I have also been favoring a lot of natural and predominantly organic products in my routine, and it started as a phase and is constantly growing. Except for Estée Lauder’s Advanced Night Repair. That serum is my guilty pleasure and one I know I can depend on. I just got myself a humongous bottle of it (75ml) and when my skin freaked out I immediately resorted to ANR for help. As expected it worked like a charm and in just a couple of uses the blemishes were subsiding and on their way to healing.

I recently got my hands on this set from Tata Harper which includes a miniature version of nearly all the different skincare products in the range. I thought it would be a great way to get a feel for the brand in general, so I caved. I have been using the set for the last week, in my night time routine and there are clearly some favorites. First and hands down the star of the lot if the Resurfacing Mask. Its so easy to apply, thin and jelly like, and dries up as a film on the skin while tightening and brightening it in the process. It didn’t feel too strong on my sensitive skin and luckily caused no additional redness or sensitivity. I have to use it a few more times to form an opinion but I really really like it already! Totally see what the hype is all about!

A major disappointment was the Regenerating Cleanser, which turned out pretty abrasive (and the one I am secretly blaming for aggravating my skin). I’ll have more details in future posts. You can find the set on CultBeauty and while I won’t exactly call it economical, its definitely a good place to start if you’re curious about the brand.

Not a lot to update you on. My life is pretty boring otherwise! I hope I’ll have plenty to share once I am on the other continent and hopefully also have a few posts up! Fingers crossed!

Have a good Sunday everyone

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