I’m Back!

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Ever tried to write after a long break? you’d know my pain! This is my umpteenth attempt at writing a half-decent “come-back” post. I was back from the trip last week and have only now managed to formally announce myself. If its any consolation, I have had a lot of fun in this time and I hope you have too!

As the last post on the blog (for a month) might have indicated, I was in Europe for a little more than three weeks, visiting Austria, Germany, Czech Republic and Sweden. It sounds way more elaborate than it really was as I visited only 6 cities across four countries. While it involved a year of planning, saving and patiently waiting with a lot of hard work on the office front, in then end, everything was worth it as the experience was priceless! We tried not to squeeze in too many museums and too much sightseeing and spent most of our time strolling, walking, watching and soaking in.

A couple of days before I was scheduled to jet off, I had hurt my back (thanks to an overpacked suitcase which I tried to lift!) and all my attempts to heal it before a daunting plane journey was a big FAIL. I was in pain through the flight and through the first nearly ten days of the trip. It was miserable, walking with an aching lower back which would send excruciating pain down my back at every jerk. I had to sit down after every 500 meters of walking which wasn’t always easy to do. I ended up buying pain relief patches and (a cute purple) hot water bottle as taking a day off from sight seeing or touring wasn’t really an option. Thankfully, the train journeys between cities provided the much needed rest and I was back in good shape mid way through the trip!

For me the highlight of the trip were the apartments we stayed in! no kidding! Thanks to Airbnb and their impeccable service we had a very comfortable and hiccups-free stay in some of the best apartments I have seen! Thats not to say they were luxurious, in fact, they were comfortable, homely, with a lot of personality. For instance in Prague, we stayed at the top floor apartment with slanted ceiling and the soft morning light that streamed through it would make my day! (It felt like I was in a doll-house) In Berlin we stayed at a tiny apartment that belonged to an artist and she had all her walls lined with books and every other space with plants. It was a reflection of her personality and we absolutely fell in love with it!

Walking has always been my favorite thing to do in a new city and this time it was no different. We walked on an average 9 kms everyday (and compensated all of it with pizzas for breakfast, lunch and dinner!). Walking along the Stockholm waterfront was a sight I will never forget! One of the cities that has most of its old heritage preserved it was as if I had gone back in time! I am still trying to decided if Prague was prettier in the day or at night. The red roof tops, the gorgeous canals and the castle aglow on a hill at night its a city straight out of a fairy tale!

Fortunately, this trip was otherwise uneventful with no passports being dropped and no trains being missed!

Going forward, I have rather big plans for the blog. First up, I will share more stories from the trip and will spread it out in various posts so I can tell you everything including all of the cheeky purchases that happened! Second, my blog was already half way through its renovation when I had to leave for the holiday so that needs to be wrapped up. TCF will soon have a slightly better face and feel and I am giving it the facelift myself. I decided to go the wordpress.org way after deliberating over Squarespace for months. I think the flexibility one gets with wordpress.org is too hard to pass up for a programmer like me!

Expect a lot of skincare raves flooding your reader feeds in the next few weeks. I have found some really exciting bits which I’m dying to share! Inspite of all my preparations, this trip wasn’t very kind on my skin and I suffered through extremely dry and dehydrated skin spell for most of it. Luckily, relief was found on the shelves of apothecaries and I am ready to sing praises! More coming soon.

I have finally managed to get back into a normal sleep cycle and find myself waking up on my own at a more acceptable hour. I still have to find the will power to drag myself to the gym and it doesn’t seem likely in the near future. I am looking forward to blogging regularly again (unless I have already jinxed myself). Lets hope for the best.

See you!

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