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Muji 2 drawer vanity setup

There is nothing that I look forward to more on a weekend than some reorganization of my beauty stash and of course a three course meal! While the later has to wait till evening I thought I I’ll run you through my current beauty setup and some new things that were bought last month in Europe! Get comfortable.

As you can see in the picture above I have a new two drawer set from Muji which I bought in Berlin. Among other bits this has to be my most exciting purchase because God knows how I was waiting to get my hands on one of these! Its hard to find reasonably priced storage solution in India as most of it is imported hence marked up insanely. So, on a bright sunny day in Berlin much to my surprise and good luck I spotted a Muji store and spent the next three (3!!) hours running around and putting things in and out of my cart! Did end up with a lot of household stuff (only the things that would fit in my tiny suitcase) along with some stationery (blogger tradition) and of course this vanity drawer.

I selected this one because the height of each drawer is perfect to fit both tubes and bottles and in my case I can stack compacts in it and save a lot of space. The top drawer also has a lid which opens up but I prefer not to use it that way and instead have stacked my lipsticks on top. This is such a wonderful addition to my dresser, and now I don’t have to deal with dusty makeup everyday while everything is tucked away nicely and not scattered all over!

Muji 2 drawer vanity setup

Muji 2 drawer vanity setup

Most of my daily skincare products occupy the top drawer while my makeup sits in the bottom section. This set has also restrained me from over flooding my dresser with stuff which I hardly use. Everything in here is what I use on a daily basis!

For bits that do not fit inside the drawer, are out in the open including my new HUMONGOUS can of Avene’s Thermal Spring Water spray in a 300ml size. I picked this on a whim because I loved how large it was (that’s what she said!) which basically meant I wouldn’t run out of it in a week as with my other smaller bottles! I have my bottle of Bioderma, a tub of the Facial Radiance pads from First Aid Beauty and a jar of Trilogy’s Rosapene Night Cream. This night cream is the answer to all my night cream prayers! lush, rich but not greasy, hydrating and plumping but never broke me out! This set is a good way to try it before committing to full size.

Muji 2 drawer vanity setup Avene thermal water, Bioderma sensibio, trilogy rosapene night cream, first aid beauty facial radiance pads

For my everyday skincare I have been LOVING the MV Organics Rose Plus Booster. The thing with boosters is that they are pretty solid by themselves but also can be used to amp up other skincare products and make them more potent. In this case the Rose Plus Booster goes on thick but I wake up with the most even skin that I have only dreamt of with no oil/sebum in sight. Its like the Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Concentrate on steriods! (And it does cost in that order too *sulk*)

The keen eyed amongst you would spot a lot of the products from Cult Beauty’s autumn goody bag which I couldn’t hold myself from buying thanks to the generously-sized products it contained. These days I have been mixing my Advanced Night Repair (few drops) with a couple of drops of the African Botanics Pure Marula Oil and the concoction seems to enhance the effects of each of the product compared to when they’re used on their own.

The Marula oil is dense and slightly harder to massage where a few a spritzes of the Avene water make the task easier. When mixed with the ANR, the emulsion is much less dense and goes on much better and absorbs quickly too. The oil smells like candy and bit much for my liking but other than that I cannot fault it!

Muji 2 drawer vanity setup

Another bit from my Europe haul is the La Roche Posay Hydraphase Intense Legre moisturiser which helped rescue my skin from the European cold! I was in desperate need for a genuinely hydrating moisturiser on my trip and nothing that I already had was working. I stepped into one of the apothecaries and cried for help! The SA directed me to this one and I have not used anything else since! Its the perfect day time moisturiser to be worn before makeup and has pretty much thrown every other moisturiser out of the park for me. I am SO gutted that its not sold anywhere in India which leaves me no choice but to bribe one of the apothecaries here to import this for me. Its that good!

If you ever spot this, make sure you buy one for me, one for yourself too of course!

MV Organics Rose Plus Booster La Roche Posay Hydraphase Intense light moisturiser

Muji 2 drawer vanity setup

Bobbi Brown Creamy lipstick in Italian Rose

My makeup has not changed much this month with the same neutral eyes, brown eyeliner, concealer, powder and peachy cheeks. I bought a new lipstick on the trip as an alternative to the Fresh Sugar lip balm in Petal which I was practically wearing day and night! Bobbi Brown’s Creamy lipstick in Italian Rose is pretty much the same color but opaque and more glossy. Its a great everyday rosy color cum my-lips-but-rosier shade which can be built up to its full intensity or lightly dabbed for a hint of color. Either way its very wearable for a color phobic like me!

Laura Mercier’s Lush Nectarine blush is a rediscovery for the umpteenth time! This vibrant peachy color pairs incredibly well with the Bobbi Brown lipstick and stays put the whole day. I have no idea why I have ignored it for so long! Its like Tarte’s Tipsy Blush but better, and that’s saying a lot!

W3ll people expressionist mascara

I have a new mascara love, W3LL People Expressionist Mascara. Now, I am an ardent fan of Cult Beauty and I take them very seriously while making my makeup choices! So, when I heard the beauty gurus over at Cult Beauty singing praises for this mascara I knew I had to try it. I am always in the market for a good everyday mascara which defines my lashes and but does not go overboard and no clumps please! Something that I can wear everyday to work and one which is gentle on the eyes and very easy to remove. There I summed this mascara for you. It is just THAT. If you are someone who doesn’t need much help in the lash department and just wants definition and natural looking lashes this is what you need. Put it on the list!

w3ll people Bio Brightener Powder

I am having a W3LL People moment right now. Another hit from the Autumn goody bag was the Bio Brightener Powder from the brand! Its a pale creamy powder which is scary in the tiny tub it came in but on the face its undetectable and settles my makeup down very naturally. On top of concealers this is like a magic wand which makes sure nothing creases or looks cakey and looks fresh for hours. There is a LOT of product in there and I usually need a tiny amount so this sample is going to last me a while.

DHC Skin Velvet Primer

Sephora Kohl Liner in Dark Brown

Two honorable mentions to two new additions to my makeup routine. First, DHC’s Skin Velvet Coat has saved me from having crepey concealer patches around the nose, everyday of this month! At first I dismissed it because it didn’t feel as hydrating as the Clinique Universal Primer which was what I wanted to get but couldn’t find in stock. This month I cracked this out and used just around the nose and forehead; areas which tend to make my makeup look disgusting by afternoon. It keeps everything from creasy or sucking moisture out of makeup so I stay looking polished till its time to go home!

While aimlessly wandering in Sephora in Prague I picked a few of their eyeliners including the matte Kohl liner you see above. Its a creamier, smoother, browner version of MAC’s Coffee eye pencil and already a favorite. Besides, the price point of these are so good!

Not one to be satiated with a few eye pencils, I also picked up a couple of their face masks. I have never previously paid attention to these or read reviews so this was a blind purchase which we’ll know tonight if it worked!

Sephora Sheet Masks

I have plenty of posts coming up for you discussing all the sinful makeup purchases that happened!

More pictures from the trip in the next post.

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