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europe holiday spoils europe aesop muji nars chanel

There is no excuse good enough for spending money recklessly, but when on holiday, exceptions are made. If you’ve wandered around these parts recently, you’d sort of know that I was gone last month for a good three weeks traveling around Europe. Call it the holiday mood or a relaxed hold on common sense, because I made a lot purchases, essentially of the beauty kind, most of which I absolutely did not need!

I thought it was about time I showed you all of my loot before I actually finished off a few things. Also, I am pretty sure this is not everything because I did hear something roll under the bed while I was photographing it.. ooops!

Duty free purchases dior origins moroccon oil

Lets begin with the Duty-Free purchases. I had a list on my iPhone which ran a mile before I even booked hotels. priorities. I ended up buying more things than I had allowed myself previously, including back-up of an old favorite, Dior’s Nude BB Creme. I was quite thrilled to find a two-pack of my FAVORITE Dior’s Lip Glow balm and much to my surprise the two tubes were different, Coral glow and Pink glow! I am positively ecstatic to try the Coral color!

The “Whats New” section this time around was brimming with quite a few new brands which I hadn’t spotted on my earlier visits to the Frankfurt Airport. I picked up a tiny travel size bottle of the Moroccanoil Treatment Light because  a) I am a hair product junkie and b) I never say NO to minis. Next, I headed straight for the Origins counter and picked a tube of the Drink-Up Intensive Overnight Mask which I have already mentioned was a big disappointment. I am sure people who swear by this haven’t tried other stuff. Case closed.

Chanel haul chanel rouge coco shine in boheme chanel joues contratse blush in azelane chanel le volume mascara chanel nail color in rose confidential

This Chanel-sized-hole was made in my wallet on the return journey at the Stockholm Airport. I am sure some of you are familiar with the feeling you get when the holiday is over and you’d do anything to cheer yourself up? I did Chanel! The airport had just stocked the Chanel Fall collection which included the breathtaking (but utterly useless for me) eyeshadow quint, a few blushes and nail polishes etc. I picked up a blush (surprise!), Joues Contraste in Azelane. In my defense, this had my name written all over it, metaphorically, a gorgeous rusty-browney-pink-with-fine-shimmer. It would have been rude to not get this!

Throughout the trip I had been wearing only one mascara, a rather generous sample of the Chanel Le Volume and I fell hopelessly in love! I picked up the full size at the airport, and saved a few cents. I am currently using an equally fabulous mascara from W3LL People so I haven’t opened the Chanel one. I also mindlessly got myself a BRIGHT pink lipstick! Chanel Rouge Coco Shine in Bohéme is everything that I NEVER wear, except I wore a very similar color from Tarte all through my vacation and got to a point where I was really comfortable rocking it! A bright warm pink, Bohéme is a beauté! I also bought a Chanel nail color in Rose Confidential for my mum, a taupe rose pink, very mature and beautiful!

Aesop haul Rind body balm Aesop purifying facial exfoliant Aesop fabulous face oil

I picked up three things from Aesop in Berlin. The Rind Concentrate Body Balm smells like the lemon tree in my parent’s garden which is basically my fondest childhood memory! I have never tried anything from Aesop’s skincare range other than their masks so I bought the Facial Exfoliating Paste which, by all means I probably shouldn’t have because my skin is sensitive and easily prone to redness but the SA convinced me that this is going to help with the blackhead-fest on my nose and I couldn’t turn it down! She also recommended the Fabulous Face Oil and given how good the reviews it has had on the blogosphere I decided to buy that as well. Interestingly, when I came back I found a couple of samples of the oil in my drawers and immediately tried it. Based on how quickly I used up the two samples and didn’t mind using it both day and night, tells me I really like it! I’ll share my thoughts once I start using it properly.

Jo Malone Mimosa and Cardamom cologne
Oribe dry texturising spray

Rather LUXURIOUS purchases I made were in Stockholm. I think it was the uber chic vibe of the place and everyone on the street looking like they walked out of a magazine, that just made my want to up my “luxury” game. I was nowhere close to matching up with those standards, but I did end up buying some seriously good stuff! Jo Malone Mimosa and Cardamom Cologne was love at first sniff (for lack of a better expression!) It pairs especially well with the Orange Blossom Cologne which I already have so I can mix the two and create a bespoke fragrance! I was fairly disappointed that I didn’t like any of the Byredo perfumes enough to get one because I swear it was on top of my wishlist! I came close to liking La Tulipe but in the end went for good ‘ol Jo Malone. I also wanted the Diptyque Eau Mohéli but they didn’t have it in stock. Gutted! I don’t think I’ve ever heard anyone talk about it but if you are a floral lover as big as me, you need to track it down!

Finding an entire wall of Oribe products was almost too good to be true! (who knew Stockholm, stocked Oribe?) I picked up a full size of the Oribe Dry Texturizing spray, despite the fact that I hardly ever use it! The SA sprayed it liberally through my hair and turned my hair into a x100 times better version of itself. I couldn’t leave without a bottle of my own! I have had it in the travel size before and I only now realized that I was using it all wrong! I always sprayed very little for fear of build up on the roots but she went all out with it and oomphed up my hair to near goddess levels!

Lush Rub Rub Rub Lush Angels on bare skin

I also stocked up on a giant tub of my beloved Rub Rub Rub body scrub from LUSH (say that 10 times, fast!). I don’t ever want to be without it and its usually the first thing I buy when I reach a new place which has a LUSH store somewhere! I am also reunited with an old old favorite, Angels On Bare Skin cleanser. This is so circa 2011 which is when I first started using it. After LUSH stopped selling in India I could obviously not get hold of it anymore. It is a solid cleanser which needs to be mixed with water to turn into a paste and then applied. Its creamy and delicious and always makes my skin happy!

Muji drawers

Rouge Bunny Rouge Habanera original skin blush

I have already shown you my MUJI two drawer setup and its doing well thanks for asking! I also bought a weekender makeup bag from MUJI which has the cutest pink color interior! Its such a good material and very well built and I cannot wait to use it! I bought a backup of my Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer in Ginger which I was dangerously close to finishing. On my dry skin and moderately dark under eyes, this works beautifully, matches perfectly and looks natural. It never feels thick or dry and just stays put through the day.

I stumbled at a MAC store in Berlin which turned out to be a PRO store and I was excited! I picked up MAC’s Taupe Blush (only because I just HAD to get something!) and also because it looked pretty natural as a contour on my cheeks. Its borderline invisible so I can build it up and look naturally chiseled! It would definitely work better for skintones paler than mine but I am happy I got it nevertheless. Talking of blushes, I found a Rouge Bunny Rouge stand in Prague and I cannot describe the excitement I felt! Its one of those unicorns I have only read bloggers write odes to but its so difficult to find anywhere! I picked just one thing (as starters), Habanera a rosy terracotta brown (duh!). I have been wearing it for the past week and its the best of the blonzers yet! Next on the list -> eyeshadows!

muji makeup bag

muji stationery

The first stand at the MUJI store as you enter was stationery; notepads, pens, notebooks the sort and I picked up a few bits. Nothing crazy, except I did go a little crazy with the stamps on the notebooks as you can probably tell!

I also bought a plenty of stuff from the German Apotheke’s. A tonne of lip balms, and French skincare (obviously). Let me know if you’d like to see that haul!

Hope you are having a good Sunday!

– Divya


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