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I am feeling really good about myself and you know why. Look at all this trash! With the year coming to an end, I have (somehow) managed to polish off quite a bit of my beauty load. As a lot of people would testify, its no mean feat to go through an entire bottle of a beauty product unless a) you absolutely love it or b) its too expensive to be NOT used.

I have not been very good with keeping all of the empties around because THIS is not everything. There was more, mostly from the haircare category and of course a bottle of Bioderma (no trash post is complete without a mention of the big ‘B’ is it?). Lets just get this done!

Cleansers & Masks

Skincare masks empties Tata Harper refreshing cleanser REN micro exfoliant, REN Flash Rinse 1 minute facial Kiehl's rare earth deep pore cleansing mask Pai Copaiba AHA deep cleansing mask

The category which started it all! I have never ever been able to use up a skincare/makeup product within its “best before after opening date”, it usually pushes to a month or two plus. But, I am proud of the fact that Tata Harper’s Refreshing Cleanser was an exception. Given the $$$ price and natural ingredients with a tiny shelf life, I had no choice but to be diligent about using it. I have spoken about this cleanser here and here and it goes without saying that I really really like it.

I wish I didn’t, but I do.

Its gentle, non-offensive, smells refreshing, has all the good ingredients (so I can recommend it without a gun to my head) and is definitely one that lives upto the extreme expectations. The only hitch here is the price which if you can gulp down with some anti-histaminic, then please get this cleanser in your life, you deserve it!

Two masks which I liked so much I used religiously, mostly one after the other, are the REN’s Flash Rinse 1 minute facial and Pai’s Copaiba Deep Cleanse Mask. I have spoken about this combination here, and I am not surprised to see these finished. I have quite sensitive skin, and even when its behaving well, I try and not subject it to anything but the most delicate products. That poses a bit of a tricky situation when it comes to using masks because they are notorious for being intense and my skin does not take that well. These two are a happy exception as they are both exfoliating (one slightly abrasive and chemical based and the other a clay based) but pretty gentle at the same time.

Now to the not so happy news. REN’s Micro Polish Cleanser was eventually used for the hands (I know! such a waste but my hands loved me for it) and the Kiehl’s Rare Earth Pore Cleansing Masque which eventually dried up, still half full. I am no skincare expert so I wouldn’t know what skin type would benefit from these because as far as I am concerned, no skin type deserves anything but the most gentle and calming products. Like they say, “treat your face like silk”. Wise words.

Out of all of these, I’ll definitely repurchase the Tata Harper Cleanser (and eat oatmeal for all three meals for a month) and also the Pai AHA Mask. The REN Flash Rinse I already repurchased as illustrated here, and will probably continue to do so in the future!


Skincare empties sunscreen Kiehl's UV Defense Spf 60, Radical Skin Perfecting Screen, Supergoop Sunscreen Daycream

What a WHOLE CATEGORY!? I have actually finished off not one, not two but three sunscreens this summer (with a little help from the hubs). All three were different, with different level of protection ranging from 30 to 50, and if given a choice I might repurchase two of them. Radical Skin Perfecting Screen works as a sunscreen with benefits, almost like a glowy primer and allows any kind of base makeup to sit nicely. Full review can be found here. The Supergoop Sunscreen Daycream pleasantly surprised me with how nicely it sat on the skin, never tacky, never greasy. I got it in a set and it can be found nowhere on the internet so I am assuming it was a one time thing! I will report back as soon as I found something as good/similar.

The Kiehl’s UV Defense was sent to me for review and I was pretty excited about it because of how many people rave about it. Its very expensive in the world of sunscreens and makes sure that you know you’re wearing it (which is not a good thing in my book). It also sort gives me a faint cast, which is not something that the other two would do, and that automatically puts it on the bottom of my favorites’ pile.

Miscellaneous Skincare

Skincare empties Clinique Moisture Surge Spray Forest Essentials Rose Water Toner Kiehl's Ultra Facial Moisturising Cream Intense Caudalie lip balm

A random bunch of skincare empties. I DID NOT like the Clinique Moisture Surge Face Spray. Its tacky, its heavy, sits on the face and makes me feel worse than I began with. However dry or dehydrated my skin gets it just does not seem to work which brings me to the other empty here, the Forest Essentials’ Rose Water Toner. Now this is INCREDIBLE stuff, pure distilled rose water and nothing else, no added preservatives or fragrance (hence a short shelf life). This is my third 200ml bottle of it and I usually decant it in a 100ml spray bottle and keep refilling it. The spray action is infinitely more satisfying and usable (and dare I say eco-friendly, not needing a cotton swab?)

Good riddance to the Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Moisturiser which again just “sits” on my skin and disappears and leaves it feeling more uncomfortable than it began with. I may seem on a Kiehl’s rant train but these products have somehow not lived upto to their claims. Regardless, Kiehl’s still hold the spot for some of my favorite skincare and body products.

Massive raves for the Caudalie’s lip conditioner which incidentally I bought right at the beginning of my trip and used it throughout and now its finished. Its absolutely wonderful, right from the packaging to the product. Its thick and emollient, moisturises beautifully, does not melt in the handbag (SO important) and makes my lips look lush! Definitely definitely repurchasing like YES!


Haircare empties Original and Mineral Hydrate and Conquer Conditioner OGX Macademia Oil conditioner

Not too long ago this conditioner featured in the “Swear not to buy again” pile and here I am with a new bottle of this as soon as it got over. What changed you ask? Well, once I got past the cake-batter-smell and the wonky annoying cap, I could truly appreciate its hydrating prowess! This that you see is a new bottle because I threw away the empty one long long ago and have since popped a new one! What I also couldn’t care to not throw was the kerastase nutritive masquintenseIt was a well loved hair masque that lasted me nearly two years of use. I used it very infrequently but everytime I did it delivered. For the price I paid, I didin’t expect anything less but unlike most haircare products which tend to show effects after a few uses, this works instantly and every single time.

Definitely repurchasing.

The OGX Macademia Oil is a really heavy, hydrating conditioner without being greasy. It hydrates well but based on how much I use it may or may not make my hair heavy and alter its movement. Its good enough to be used as a treatment or mask and at that price thats quite a bargain!

So there! I can finally get rid of this and reboot my “empties collection” program for the next year NEXT YEAR! Its just weird to say that!

2016 is coming!

Hope you’re having a good Sunday pamper!


– Divya


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