The Big Sunday Post #7

Sunday post

What a crazy week month it has been! This entire year I think has just gone by in a flash. No! there is definitely something about 2015, because I clearly remember my thoughts from January last, and how pumped up I was for the year and the blog and my new job (which is now a year old job) and here we are knocking on December. What has happened?

Believe me when I tell you that for me this was going to be THE year for TCF. I was prepared to bring my A game into blogging and grow the blog and do crazy stuff, collaborate with like minded people; in the end procrastination got better of all my planning! Looking back I feel like I wasted an entire year somehow trying to keep afloat, and being on top of everything or anything.

Always an optimist, I am looking forward to December and time with family. My parents followed by my husband’s parents are all flying down to stay with us very very soon and I cannot wait to see everyone! I have exciting things planned through the month which will keep me busy (and happy) and then there will be the new year and exciting opportunities. More on that another time.

Black Friday Onslaught

I don’t know about you but I had a severe case of Black Friday trauma! Oh yes trauma because my inbox was FLOODED with emails about sales and discounts and it was IMPOSSIBLE for someone to just get on with their business without buying a lipstick or a shoe on the side! Well, pat me on the back as I did none of that. Apart from a little book haul from amazon, I successfully passed the dreaded Friday just watching movies and helping my ill husband recuperate phew!  One day delivery and my haul is already here.

Book haul

Let me know if you did some damage?! Those are the best stories!

Back To The Future

This is one of those typical “crawled out from under a rock” moments. “Back to the Future” Day (a reference you’ll get if you’ve seen the movie(s) ) was last month and its only now that I’ve finally gotten around watching the entire three part series! I did this with Star Wars (STAR WARS!) and didn’t watch it for the longest time and then I did and joined the force!

So, Back to the Future is set in 1985 and deals with time travel and thats about how much I am telling you. Watch it if you love all things Sci-fi (with a lot of humor thrown in) and in the end you’ll be conversing in physics -“space time continuum” – lingo!

Also, Star Wars is COMING!

Blog – Work – Disconnect

My work life is so far and disconnected from what I do on the blog that sometimes its difficult for me to make the switch. This disconnect makes it hard to get ideas for the blog or get on a schedule or even think of writing. That said, my beauty routine is always something which gives me ample incentive. While I am massaging a cleanser or spritzing a toner, I get my best ideas!

Talking of which, I have found another trio of products which is giving me some serious kick in the glow department and has pretty much knocked everything out of the park! Middle of the week when I have nothing better to look forward to, I bring out my skincare A Team:

Oskia Renaissance Mask MV Organic Rose Plus Booster Ying Yu Jade Roller

Oskia’s Renaissance Mask, a gentle exfoliating mask which I have praised before, goes on first. I massage it for a good minute or two and then let it sit for anywhere between 30 minutes to an hour (the longer the better IMO!). This is then washed off and followed by a few spritzes of Rose Water. Then I move to MV Organic’s Rose Plus Booster (heaven in a bottle or equivalent) and pat it all over my face and neck. Then comes out a chilled, Ying Yu Jade Roller. With a couple of hours of The Good Wife binging, I roll it all over my face and neck and just roll it and roll it and roll it. Once I am done, I end up looking like a fresh out of the package bulb which glows with all its gusto!

It seriously does NOT get better than this!

THE Cult Beauty Box

I am pretty sure this is not unfamiliar territory for most of you! I am a HUGE Cult Beauty fiend and but when it comes to their recent Beauty Boxes with Skincare Goddess Caroline Hirons I have been left underwhelmed. I just came off watching their reveal for the third box and although it may look like an amazing box what is it with the price? £195? Are you kidding me!?

I was looking forward to breaking the curse and buy this one but I guess I’ll pass. Its got a lot of products which are borderline useful for me (not yet on the cooler side of 30) and for anyone really, one doesn’t need to dump so much money in one go! Skincare, especially organic and natural, goes bad quickly and if I were to get so many of these in one go I am pretty sure I am not going to get the best out of each, considering I already have a routine going on! Let me know your thoughts. Have you indulged in one of those boxes?

New Youtube Favorite

I think everytime I write one of these posts I have a new youtube beauty guru rave in store! This time its the STUNNING Melissa Altorre. I stumbled upon her channel, as one does, and considering she posts just one video a week and has been on youtube for little over 6 months (Already close to a 100,000 followers. Its serious people!) I have already watched all her videos (As I always do). She loves a big bold lip (totally NOT my thing) but she is a pleasure to watch and I highly recommend you give her a dekko! Those cheek bones are on point.

Here’s a peek:

End of ramble.

Hope you’re having a good Sunday!


– Divya


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