Back For Seconds!

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If you have read my blogs from when I started, this post might ring a bell? Not that I did too many of these but “Back For Seconds” was my way of applauding my hoarding habits! If I loved something so much that I repurchased, I made sure I gave it a shout out. After almost a year, I am back with not one but five favorites (old and new) which shall be repurchased inevitably.

Chanel Rouge Coco Shine in Liberté

chanel rouge coco shine liberte

I am not much of a lipstick wearer, I mean, on a daily basis I apply everything on my face, load up on blush then pair down the look with just a slick of lip balm. Hence (of course) its very contradictory that I repurchased a lipstick, except its not just any lipstick, its the Chanel Rouge Coco Shine in Liberté. [This also goes by the name of “Most mentioned product on TCF”] It is perfection in lipstick form. Sheer, juicy (ahem), aptly pigmented, moderately hydrating and very very pretty! I was gutted when I couldn’t manage to find it anywhere in Europe back in October so I begged my lovely friend here to get one for me. I only wish the Rouge Coco Shines were not such a hit or a miss because there can be a lot of variation in the shades and their performance. I am glad I have found the one for me and I hope they never discontinue it.

Davines Melu conditioner (buy)

 davines melu conditioner

I try and not get too excited about conditioners. They are the worst tricksters, absolutely unreliable, and first thing to get over from the S+C pair (Just get the proportions right people!) Davines’ Melu Conditioner was so good from the first time I used it that its been the hardest few months keeping all that excitement shut inside my head! You totally need to look at my face as I type this, eyes wide open, big smile, brows touching the hairline! This conditioner is what you need if your hair is fine, long, flat and needs TLC in the second half of its length. I wouldn’t say it worked overnight but I could definitely tell a difference in the first few washes. As time has lapsed I have not had an disappointments *touch wood*.

Davines (I pronounce it da-vee-nez, someone correct me!) is a fairly new brand on my radar. Its Italian, cool, chic and cutely packaged, not to mention the names which sound more like candy! I bought mine from CultBeauty, which stock quite a few from Davines’ haircare range. Melu is their line for long and breakage-prone hair. I cannot bring myself to trying the shampoo because it contains SLS (and my scalp freaks out!) but if you’re immune to ingredients you can probably give it a shot!

W3ll People Expressionist Mascara (buy)

w3ll people expressionist mascara

I have only gone through four mascara tubes in my entire life. Yes thats completely true and No its not gross because they were all thrown away after the recommended 3-4 months use. Back to the claim, the first two tubes were of the Dior Diorshow Iconic Mascara (non-waterproof), the third was Kevyn Aucoin’s Volume Mascara and the fourth, recently, W3LL People’s Expressionist Mascara. Also, before I go further let me put it out there that I love the W3LL mascara the most!

Some facts: Its a ‘green’ brand, all-natural, cleanest purest ingredients, no parabens, silicones, fragrance or alcohol. To top it, it has the most gentle, lash conditioning formulation which is volumizing, non-clumpy and very BLACK. Its super easy to remove with Bioderma or a makeup cleansing oil and except when its been a very teary day there is no smudging to be seen. Its high-end but you get what you pay for and I see myself buying this over a lot of others. I do love my Chanel Le Volume a lot but for an everyday use I think W3LL ticks every box I need it to!

Also, did I say how much I love that cute white tube?

Burberry’s Earthy Light Glow Blush (buy)

burberry light glow blush earthy

Not technically something I will need to repurchase (I mean its a blush-contour and no-one ever finished a blush, amiright!) but if it were to happen that I use up the entire 2.5 gms, it will certainly be restocked! Looking at the swatches online I never imagined this brown-dough-in-the-pan would even show up on my skin, but showing up it does and it does it beautifully!

Agreed, its something only my eyes can see if I am an inch or two from the mirror, but there is definitely a shadow on the sides of my cheek for an untrained eye and that is enough! It has faint pink undertones which make it more than just a “contour powder” and it looks so so natural! The sad part is, for anyone deeper than a MAC NC 42 it may not really register and I hope Burberry can bring out a shade to suit darker skintones. Lets all include that in our prayers tonight!

Eve Lom cleanser (buy)

repurchase worthy beauty products burberry earthy becca opal shimmering skin perfector eve lom cleanser chanel rouge coco shine in boy davines melu conditioner w3ll people expressionist mascara

Here I am kicking off a bit of a controversy! There are two kinds of beauty bloggers in the world, those who detest, avoid and discourage using mineral oil in any form for any beauty/skincare product; and then there are those who are agnostic towards it and continue to enjoy any and everything with or without it! Where do I belong? Well, good question and the short answer is “I don’t know!”.

Eve Lom’s famour cleanser has been around forever in “beauty product timeline” terms and has MANY fans across the globe. I had only heard and never tried it for myself but won’t lie that I wasn’t curious! When Cult Beauty included it in their Autumn Goody Bag, I bought it almost immediately, only may be to try this cleanser!


There, I said it. Its soooo good on the skin, to massage and breathe in the minty reinvigorating aroma, then massage it some more with warm water and then rinse it off. It comes of completely leaving zero residue behind with or without a muslin cloth. I never use a muslin cloth so its important for me that balms and cleansers rinse off clean. I have tried using it on mascara and eye makeup and it gets rid of it pretty nicely although, the Eucalyptus oil in it isn’t the best thing for the eyes. I am extremely tempted to get one of its 100 ml tub, retailing for £55 (lets just collectively *choke* on it for a second) unless someone talks me out of it. Anyone?

Becca’s Opal Shimmering Skin Perfector Liquid (buy)

(Forgot to photograph a swatch!) I have had a humongous bottle of Moonstone for a few years now which I use every so often, mixed with moisturisers or foundations or just on its own as a highlighter. I love it but at the back of my head I’ve always thought of Opal as my color. This holiday season when Becca came out with a tiny set of Opal in liquid as well as powder version I grabbed it the moment it came online on CultBeauty.

Aaaand, I was right!

Opal is a hair more warm than Moonstone which makes it less obvious and more my-skin-but-glowing for my complexion. I definitely prefer liquids over any other kind of highlighters so this is pretty much what I am wearing when I am wearing highlighters! A full size bottle might be too much for me to go through, so here’s hoping this set gets released again so I can stock up!

– Divya


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